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I do often blog about the newborn sessions I have had with cute, tiny little babies.

Further down the line I also blog about family photo shoots, I have had with families and their growing children.

However it is not often that I blog about pregnancy photo shoots and there is no particular reason for it.

In today’s blog I want to focus just on that, pregnancy photo shoots, which are fun and relaxed sessions all about the mum, the bump and the joy of expecting a baby. Of course partners are welcome and for the majority of couples both parents come for the session.

I love working with pregnant mums, first time or second time, as I love the special moment in time that is expecting a baby.

I remember too well when I was pregnant myself and the feeling of being on a superior mission, to grow and care for a special little tiny human being.

That special bond that is being created is pure happiness to see and to capture.

How does it work?

Pregnancy photo shoots are as special as other photo shoots and I always include a phone call to explain what happens during the session, how to prepare and what happens after.

In terms of clothes I recommend bringing clothes that make you feel good and also comfortable but also a little bit special so that every time you look back at the photos you remember that special time.

If you are worrying that you won’t feel and look good, I would love to reassure you that you will, pregnant mamas look amazing and without needing to look like someone else, you will look just like you.

I will take care to run the session in a relaxed way and without too much direction.

I also have a little secret to share but don’t tell many people. Pregnancy photo shoots are free with newborn bookings and are a great way for me to know you more and vice versa for you to get to know me and trust me as your photographer.

If you’d like to see more of pregnancy photoshoots I have done recently please take a look at my Photography, Newborn page.

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