Nice to meet you, I'm Laura!

Since 2017, I love the opportunity to be creative every day. What I love the most, is getting to know the people I work with, learning the stories we all have and using them to tell a visual story.

I have been a professional photographer for 6 years, following a career change and many training courses learning from great photographers. I have practiced in a range of photography genres. Currently I love working with businesses, corporate teams, business owners and entrepreneurs. Also people over 40 and over 50. I work from the studio in Tooting Bec but also in other locations in London.

I am a big believer in confidence and connections, self-development, continuous learning, positive intelligence & wellbeing.

More about my journey

What started as a passion, has turned into a successful photography practice, networking group and soon membership options! I was born and raised in Tirana, Albania and I have spent most of my adult life in other countries.

In France where I lived for 7 years and where I went to University to graduate in Economics and Philosophy of Economics. That is also where I bought my first camera!

London is home, where I live with my husband for the last 16 years and our 2 boys, Edward 13 and Elliot 10. We have a cat Rocky! He is ginger and fluffy.

Some things about me

When I am not working you will find me, walking in our local parks. I sometimes take Rocky our cat, with me, he loves an adventure!

Before I was a photographer I was a marketer and still enjoy marketing. I love spreading the word and connecting.

My favourite self-care habits are walks, taking breaks during the day, switching off work completely and spending time in nature.

We may be a good match if...

  1. You’re looking to be more visible. This may be in the form of personal branding, stronger business branding,  professional opportunities and generally growth.
  2. You want a well defined visual identity. Together we can create photographs that are build around a strong brand and visual competency. Visually you will be seen and portrayed as an expert in your field.
  3. You want to make an impact. Photography is a powerful medium and can help with visibility, which will in turn impact more people in your journey.

Access more resources

I have a number of guides that I would love you to have, download and read. And I would love your thoughts.


  1. “What makes a great Headshot” Guide is free to download. You can do so by clicking on this link “What makes a Great Headshot Guide” and join my members group.
  2. If you are starting out and are looking into marketing, “The 10 Most Effective Ways to start Marketing your Business Today” book has a lot of information and resources. Get your copy by clicking on “The 10 Most Effective Ways to start Marketing your Business Today”.

If you are a business owner and would like to connect with others, come and join “The Small Business Network, Tooting”

The bit about my training

Moving careers is not easy but I did it by training with amazing photographers.

I have trained in studio photography, headshots, outdoor photography, personal branding, product photography and families. I am fully insured as a professional photographer. 

I was hugely happy when I received bronze merits from the International Portrait Masters Awards, for portraits submitted in 2021 and 2022. 

​I have also been a member of SUE BRYCE EDUCATION .

I am a Partner with

Clapham Mums online magazine designed for mums, dads and carers with the most up to date information on events & activities in Battersea and Clapham.

Lady Wimbledon, an online magazine and website about all things Wimbledon. 

Listed on Lady Wimbledon Address Book

I have been on a couple of Podcasts

I was excited to be invited to speak to some recent podcasts which I would love to share below.

The Engaging Marketeer and Fire and Forte is a passion project that is a platform for women in their 40s or more that are doing amazing things.

The Engaging Marketeer

The Engaging Marketeer has regular podcasts with business owners where they talk and discuss various aspects of the business owner life.

In my episode I share some tips on how to take a brilliant photo. Daren the podcast host is full of humour and is very engaging, I would recommend you listen in as there is something for everyone in his conversations with guests.

Fire and Forte

Fire and Forte started in 2022 by Hannah Maude, as a platform for women in their 40s doing amazing things!

On the website she shares “I kicked off Fire and Forte, celebrating women with this fire and strength, making things happen. Interviews to learn more and share their inspiring stories”.

I love Hannah’s mission and in our chat together we talk about how I turned a passion into a business and also my over 40s campaign.

I look forward to meeting you soon.