How To Communicate Your Personal Brand Offline And Online?

How To Communicate Your Personal Brand Offline And Online?

How To Communicate Your Personal Brand Offline And Online?

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Now that you have more clarity about your brand and your brand story, it is time to think about how to communicate your brand and the story to the world. 

The good news is that there are many ways to communicate your brand and your brand story to the world and we will look at the different ways to do it focusing on offline and online. 

Let’s start with offline first. 

How To Communicate Your Personal Brand Offline

1. Practice Saying Your Brand Promise Out Loud 

Starting to practice your invitation and your brand promise out loud, is a great way to become more used to it and more familiar with how it feels. 

Saying the words and observing how it feels to say them is a great way to become more aware and more confident about sharing your message with a wider audience. 

So start by practicing your message at home with yourself and say it out loud. 

Next record a video of yourself saying it and just listen back. 

What do you want to say better? Where do you want to focus more? 

Example 1 

Are you a female founder who wants to offer better and more customer focused services in your industry? 

Or are you a female founder who wants to offer services that are more competitive and slicker than bigger firms? 

If you are employed it is all the same, practicing your message out loud helps. 

Example 2 

Are you the head of HR and you have been invited to submit an entry into the European HR professionals industry magazine for the innovative HR practices you have been leading on? What will you enter in your submission? What will you say about you?

2. Your Body Language

The way you stand and the way you present yourself matters and it can significantly enhance your persona. 

The way you look at people in the eyes during an interview, or shake someone’s hand when you enter the room, sends a non-verbal message of confidence and of feeling good in your skin and body. 

Similarly presenting yourself professionally in terms of personal grooming can have a beneficial impact and elevate the image and the presentation.

3. Dressing For The Occasion

Wearing clothes that make you feel happy and joyful is important and it can make such a big impact in the way we feel and the way we start the day. 

Also the clothes you wear can mean certain things and send the right or wrong message to the people you are with. 

If you prefer casual clothes that will contribute to how people will perceive you. However, overly dressed and very formal can also sense the wrong message. So the choice matters and dressing for the occasion is the best strategy. 

Dress codes have changed in the professional world since the pandemic and the trend is now for less formal work wear.

4. Using Color To Enhance Your Features

Blending in more color, bolder patterns and floral themes is more accepted and it can make a statement if that is what you wish. Plus it is more fun and engaging. 

If clothing and color are not your bag, you can also think about getting help from a stylist who can do a personalized consultation of colors that suit you which will be helpful as a guide for when you buy new clothes. 

Wearing colors that are flattering and match your skin and hair tones will make a big difference in your choice of clothes and how you dress. More on that in the next blog. 

5. Other Ways To Communicate Your Personal Brand Offline 

– Speaking opportunities 

– Attending professional conventions, events, fairs

– Networking events: alumni associations, professional associations, entrepreneurs,etc.

– Work lunch or dinner occasions 

How To Communicate Your Personal Brand Online

Online is where personal branding comes into its own as it is often then that first impressions are created. 

1. Google Search And Google Images

It may seem vain but when it comes to online, have you ever googled your name? What comes up? 

Are there any snippets from your work, business, career, publications, photos that come up? 

Quite often people will start by googling what they are looking for, if it is a service or a product or a contact they want to connect with. 

When it comes to you what will they find? 

Are there images of you that are visible on google? Try it for yourself. 

If there aren’t, it is time to correct that. 

2. Linkedin Profile

If your Linkedin profile comes up on Google under your name, does it have a recent up-to-date photo of you that gives the right impression? Again if it isn’t, it is time to refresh your profile and be in charge of your own image with new headshots and personal branding photographs

I know there can be many objections about having your photos taken – you don’t feel photogenic; not sure about your style; not knowing any good photographers, etc, etc. 

I have addressed some of the most common objections in this blog on how to elevate your image but if you are in the professional arena and want to make an impression, having a professional and up-to-date profile can tell a lot about you even before people meet you in person. 

3. Connect To Your Audience Where They Are

This will save you tons of time uselessly spent on the wrong platform talking to the wrong audience. 

If you are running your business and are a skincare business founder and you want to connect to your audience in a way that feels intimate, sharing tips and industry secrets and you want to come across as relatable, friendly and close to the people that you want to help, where would the ideal platform be for your broadcast? 

Linkedin? Most probably not. Instagram yes and tiktok yes. Snapchat not sure. 

However if you are a lawyer launching your own practice, linkend is definitely the right platform. 

Based on your audience research and how you want to speak and connect with them (from the work you have done when building your brand story), you can tailor your presence and the platform you want to use to be the most efficient. 

4. Your Website

One of the most obvious platforms you can use and the place where people can find you online. However, if you are in the process of finalizing it or haven’t launched it yet, you can use the other online platform in the meantime.

5. Magazine articles

You may be invited to write an article for a business magazine. Adding a little bit more about your journey and your story is the perfect opportunity to share your brand. 

As well as using your headshots or personal branding photographs, which will add gravitas to your profile.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to communicate your band and your brand story to the works. Make a start today and go with the flow. 

If you need help with your brand photos or your headshots, I am only a phone call away. 

Great images are an important part of a great personal brand

If you’d like to find out more about Personal Branding Photography, how it works and how you can get top images for your brand, get in touch with me and schedule a consultation call. I would love to meet you and hear all about your brand story. 

Until next time, where I will cover “How to use color in your personal brand photos?”

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