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Headshot photographer, London

I needed some headshots and content photos for my new website and was dreading the photo shoot as I dislike posing for a camera. I always feel I never look like my normal self in a professional picture. Laura made me feel remarkably comfortable, had suggestions and ideas for me and managed to capture natural but elegant photos of me that actually look like me. She was amazing. I highly recommend her!“.

Stephanie Martens Damalis, London

Personal Branding Photography

Create a collection of professional photographs that will enhance your brand

Personal Branding Photography enhances your brand because it showcases your personality and uniqueness and helps your ideal clients connect with you.  

Personal branding collections that I offer have a number of images that you can use online as original content. Combined with your expertise, client testimonials, videos, your personal and business story, they can make up the whole marketing schedule for the year.

A Personal Branding photoshoot is ideal for:



Business Owners


Anyone who wants to invest in their personal brand.

Together we can create authentic and professional images that help you grow your brand and speak to your ideal audience. 

To get my tips on how to grow your brand, schedule a clarity call on 07934788100 or use the link below.

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How it works

Investing in your brand is critical to the success of an online and physical business.

With the right photographs created based on your brand and following the clarity questionnaire and process, you will be positioned in the perfect place to connect, attract and engage your ideal customers.

As part of this process, the branding photoshoot is something we plan together with the right ingredients.

Your looks and style you want to create. With hair and make-up prior, to the photoshoot.

In a location that speaks to your audience, in my studio or outdoors.

The length of the photoshoot is typically 3 to 4 hours, with hair & make-up first and then the photoshoot.

The studio is a very welcoming place, I serve refreshments and there are opportunities for breaks and changing outfits as we go along.

Pricing is based on three collections, which have a number of features each.

The starting collection is £750 which can be broken down to £350 session fee to book and £400 for the images – 10 images of your choice edited, selected from a hand-picked gallery.

A number of other features are included such as full usage rights with the images, which means you can use them for your marketing purposes.

I include social media templates and social media banners.

I have two other collections which include 2 photoshoots and 3 photoshoots in the year and they both grant membership access to a bank of stock photos you can use, more templates and resources for your business. The other two collections are £1350 and £1550 for the year.

To make it easier for budgeting purposes, I offer payment plans.

“Taking these gorgeous photographs.

I had a brand photoshoot with Laura and from the very beginning of our initial call she was professional. She helped and guided me to pick clothes and colors that suited me. On the day, she was welcoming and we had so much fun. I recommend Laura to anyone looking to have quality and professional photos taken.

Beatrice Anim

Location for Personal Branding Photography in London

In my studio in Tooting Bec, South West London


Gallery, museum, shop, restaurant

In a rented space, a cool venue, Airbnb or a boutique hotel. 

“Laura helped to manage my anxiety and put me at ease instantly. She made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I met her. She is a fabulously talented photographer. I absolutely loved my images. Truly a flawless experience; thank you so much Laura!” 

Margaret Reiser, Sage Consulting

Common Questions & Answers

I get asked lots of questions about Personal Branding Photography. It is a relatively new genre and many people don’t know exactly what it entails. 

To make it clear and address some of the questions, I have included the most common ones below. For more FAQs, click on the link below to continue reading.

More Q&As about Personal Branding Photography. 

So what exactly is Personal Branding photography?

Personal Branding photography, is a form of photography designed specifically for business owners, founders (and your team if you have a team).

The primary objective is to provide a visual representation of the brand and the person, in a way that goes beyond surface-level visuals and captures the essence of your brand. 

By capturing your unique style, personality, passions, and interests, this type of photography aims to create a connection between you and your audience.

It allows your audience to experience your brand’s essence and get a sense of your overall vibe.

Through carefully crafted images showcasing you, alongside your team and behind the scenes, personal branding photography helps create a compelling brand narrative that fosters trust, likability, and ultimately increases the likelihood of converting your audience into loyal customers.

Do I need Personal Branding Photography?

If you want to attract attention and build a customer base for your business, having an impactful first-impression is critical. 

There are many psychological reasons for it and  one of them is because it allows people and your audience to see you and get a feel for what you stand for. As a result they feel like they can trust you and build a relation. 

In practical terms, personal branding photogprahy can help you articualte visually your brand preferences, style, how you want to come across and be perceived. 

Doing it through photographs means it is much quicker than words and text. 

Can I use my phone?

Of course for the occasional sefie, behind the scenes and short stories on your online profiles. 

For a more curated and professional look, professional photographers can help with their technical expertise, artistic vision, and experience in composition and lighting to produce compelling results for your brand.

Where is the best location if I work from home?

If you work from home and your office is not the place you want to show in your brand photographs, worry not there are plenty of options.

A photography studio can be great, with clean backgrounds and other lifestyle set-ups. 

An aesthetically pleasing rented space is another option. It cna be on airbnb, in a hotel, gallery or some other quirky rented space. 

How long does a session last?

A Personal Branding Photoshoot including hair and make-up usually lasts from half a day to a full day.

Half a day is 4 hours. Full day is 6-7 hours (don’t worry we will have a break for luch).

However it is at the pre-shoot consultation stage, we will determine the length of your photoshoot depending on what your vision is and how much content you want to create.

I am not photogenic, how will you get good pics of me?

I work with a lot of people who don’t feel photogenic. 

Part of my creative approach is to go through the branding process and clarity questionnaire followed by some coaching work in terms of acceptance and positioning. During the photoshoot I aim to make you feel relaxed, at ease and we have a conversation while also trying different positions, places, and going back to the reason why we are doing the photoshoot. I can spot the best angles, give you gentle direction and use lighting to enhance your looks. 

The years I have been doing photoshoots have taught me to keep it light hearted and fun while also doing the work.

Very often people come at the end of the session and they feel relaxed and much more in acceptance with how they look. 

What should I wear?

We will brainstrom together what to wear, the outfits for the different looks and styles and it will all be part of the briefing.

Usually clients wear a number of outfits, something smart, casual, professional, what makes you feel good, at ease and confident. 

Model for a day photoshoot experience

Laura is such a professional and warm-hearted photographer! The pictures came out brilliantly, and I would recommend Laura to anyone! Thank you and keep up with your 5 star service, Laura!”

Maria Huynh, London

Ready to work with me?

I hope this has been useful and answered some of your questions about Personal Branding Photography in London.

Let me know if you have any other specific questions about plannning your photoshoot.

I love working with entrepreneurs, founders, teams and professionals.

To get started drop me an email or call me, I can’t wait to hear from you.

You can reach me on +44 (0) 7934 788100 or email photography@shimilimears.com

Is it Headshots that you are after?

For professional Linkedin photos and business headshots, take a look at these different options, whcih are quicker but still get you amazing results.

I’ve been avoiding corporate headshots for most of my career, but finally ended up in a position where I couldn’t put them off any longer. Laura was absolutely brilliant throughout the initial enquiry, photoshoot and post-shoot editing. She put me at ease while she took the photos, and clearly knew exactly what she was doing with poses, lighting and angles”.

Alex Walton, London

Looking forward to meeting you soon.