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On location

From £300

In the studio

From £300

Mini Branding Photoshoot


Brand photographs to make an impact

Branding photography is a great way to create a cohesive look and feel for your brand as the business owner of your company.


During our booking discussion I will consider your branding and make suggestions on how your photographs can align and amplify your brand, so that it all looks consistent and part of the same messaging.


After all I want your brand photos to present you in the best light, do the talking on your behalf and leave people with the impression that they would love to work with you.

Book Personal Brand Photos

Get you started £300

This is the quickest option I have for your personal branding photos.

1 hour + 3 images

In the studio in Tooting Bec or on location (London or other). 

Book Personal Brand Photos

More choice £400

This option is longer, we spend more time and create more looks.

Three to four so you have more choice.

1-2 hours + 5 images.

Book Personal Brand Photos "more choice"

What you get in all the options

  1. The photoshoot in different styles + my guidance & experience. 
  2. The Ultimate Branding Workbook, a guide into personal branding with tips on making the most of your new photographs.
  3. A wide range of images to choose from, 50+ images in the gallery.
  4. All photographs are supplied in colour & black & white & in jpg format.
  5. Original content & assets personalised to your vision & goals – not a point & shoot process, it is bespoke and with guaranteed results.

Add-ons that we can discuss if you want to include in your booking. 

  1. Hair & make-up.
  2. Mentoring with me in marketing.
  3. Promotional video.
Book Personal Brand Photos

Mini Branding Photoshoot London £175

I run these on certain dates. Mini sessions available of 25 minutes.

25 minutes + 30 images to choose from + 3 final images.

In central London or Tooting.

Once you book I will notify you of the dates avaialable for mini brand photoshoots. 

Book personal brand mini shoot

“Laura helped manage my anxiety and put me at ease instantly. She made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I met her. I absolutely loved my images. Truly a flawless experience; thank you so much Laura!”  Margaret Reiser, Sage Consulting.

LinkedIn and Business Headshots London of a woman business owner showing her friendly and welcoming.
Personal branding photographer creating image of woman looking professional and confident

“Laura made me feel remarkably comfortable, had suggestions & ideas for me & managed to capture natural but elegant photos that actually look like me. She was amazing. I highly recommend her!” Stephanie Martens Damalis, London

“I had a brand photoshoot with Laura & from the very beginning she was professional. She helped me with clothes & colors. On the day, she was welcoming & we had so much fun. I recommend Laura of you are looking for quality & professional photos.” Beatrice Anim.

Photograph of a woman outside a London house for professional photographs.

“Laura is such a professional and warm-hearted photographer! The pictures came out brilliantly, and I would recommend Laura to anyone! Thank you and keep up with your 5 star service, Laura!” Maria Huynh, London

Headshots for therapists London

Want to go ahead, what next?

  1. We discuss your goals, your industry, your style, the location and the date.
  2. Then we book the date in & we start the preparation for your photoshoot.

Below is a FAQs section where I answer most common questions about Personal Brand Photography.

I also have an extensive selection of blogs on Personal Branding photography if you’d like to do more reading

How to Elevate Your Image,

How to Create Your Brand Story

What Are The Benefits of Personal Branding.

Your personal invitation to get started

I have booked, now what?

We plan all the details.

  1. I will send you the Branding Questionnaire: which will clarify the elements of your Personal Brand. We will design the photoshoot based on it.
  2. We will discuss hair & make-up: I work with an amazing make-up artist who is very skilled. If you want to use her services, she will do hair styling & professional make-up before we start the photoshoot.
  3. Your Personal Branding Photoshoot Day: the day of creating the images, this is where the magic happens!
  4. After the photoshoot: over zoom you will view & select your images, based on the Collections of Images & pricing I have shared in advance.

Questions about Brand Photography

I have included most common questions below. For more FAQs, click on the button to continue reading.

Read More FAQs
So what exactly does a personal branding photographer do?

A personal branding photographer takes photographs of small business owners and founders (and your team if you have one) that focus on you as the person behind the brand in a way that shows you professional, relatable, trustworthy and an expert in your field.

Through professional branding photographs, the best personal branding photographers can help you create images that make you stand out and be perceived as authority in your industry.

Apart from that immediate, elevated perception, the photographs tell your audience more about you and, your business in a visual way.

By seeing you, your style, how you present yourself, your brand aesthetics and your overall vibe, the audience feels connected to you. This helps them like and trust you, which means they are more likely to buy from you. 

Do I need Personal Branding Photography?

If you want to be visible, encourage people to show interest and build a customer base for your brand, having an impactful first-impression is critical. A personal brand photographer can help you achieve that with impactful photographs. 

Photographs that portray you in your best light, and in a position of confidence, allow people to see you and get a feel for what you stand for. As a result they feel like they can trust you, which is the first step in the customer journey. 

In practical terms, a personal branding photographer can help you express visually your brand elements, style, colour and your brand voice, through body language, choice of clothing, poses and the environment around you.  

Doing it through photographs means it is much quicker than words and text.

Can I use my phone?

Of course for the occasional selfie and “behind the scenes” stories that share more about your brand. 

For a more curated and professional look, a professional branding photographer in London or the UK depending where you are, can help with their artistic vision, skills, eye for attention, and experience in composition and lighting to produce compelling results for your brand.

Where is the best location if I work from home?

If you work from home and your office is not the place you want to show in your brand photographs, worry not there are plenty of other options.

A photography studio can be great, with clean backgrounds and other lifestyle set-ups.

An aesthetically pleasing rented space is another option. It can be on airbnb, in a hotel, gallery or some other rented space.

How do I find a personal brand photographer?

To find the right personal brand photographer for you, search for personal branding photographer near me, personal brand photographer London or personal brand photographer UK, which will give different names and photographer profiles depending on where you are.

I would suggest going through the different profiles and portfolios to get a feel if you think you are a good match for each other. 

After all it is an investment and you should feel it is money extremely well spent that will allow you to grow your brand and business further

There are many amazing and talented photographers that are committed and want you to have a great experience and fabulous photographs you can use for your business. Choose the one that feels right for you. 

How long does a session last?

A Personal Branding Photoshoot with me, includes hair and make-up and lasts from half a day to a full day.

Half a day is 4 hours. Full day is 6-7 hours (don’t worry we will have a break for luch).

However it is at the pre-shoot consultation stage, we will determine the length of your photoshoot depending on what your vision is and how much content you want to create.

I am not photogenic, how will you get good pics of me?

As a personal brand photographer I work with a lot of people who don’t feel photogenic.

Part of my creative approach is to go through the branding process and clarity questionnaire followed by some body work during the session.

My aim is to make you feel relaxed and while I shoot, we have a conversation and I invite you to try different positions and angles, from which I spot the best ones.

I also use lighting to enhance your looks. One thing I have learned through the years I have been doing photoshoots, is to keep it light-hearted and fun while also doing the work.

Most of the time people reach the end of the session feeling much more relaxed and confident.

What should I wear?

We will brainstrom together the outfits for the session, with the different looks and styles at the consultation stage.

Usually clients wear a number of outfits, something smart and professional, something casual, and something more creative, an accent colour or what makes you feel good, at ease and confident.

I look forward to meeting you soon.