What Makes A Great Headshot?

What Makes A Great Headshot?

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Have you ever wondered what makes a great headshot?

A great headshot is one that captures the best version of you that you want to show to the world, as well as what makes you unique.

It should also effectively communicate the goal that you have for the image—whether that is a creative branding portrait or a corporate headshot.

Your headshot should be about you, not your photographer.

The photographer you choose should be able to guide you through what makes a great headshot and help you express who you are, as well as your values and your vision.

A great headshot doesn’t look like you 10 years ago. And it doesn’t look like you at a wedding or on holiday. You also shouldn’t feel that you should have to hide behind a photoshopped version of you—you should feel empowered to be bold and be you!

There are a few components that can help elevate your headshot from good to great.

When it comes to the components that make a great headshot, lighting is key

Great lighting is crucial to creating a great headshot. If the lighting is too harsh, it can wash you out and make you look tired.

However, if it’s too dark it can make your photo look moody and even a little intimidating.

Achieving an even, soft light will help bring out the life and personality in your eyes and face.

Choose your background carefully

Headshots are a little different to other types of portraits as the focus is truly about you and projecting that professional image of yourself.

This doesn’t mean you have to have a plain background but choosing the right backdrop and composition for your photo is important.

Of course, a great photographer will help you find the right setting for your photo and make sure all the elements that make a great headshot are considered.

What to wear

Just like with the lighting and the backdrop for your headshot, your choice of outfit is also an important consideration for getting the look and feel that you want for you photo.

Different types of clothing will portray different looks.

Do you want to look smart and corporate?

Or do you want to look professional and trustworthy?

A simple outfit choice is usually best for achieving a clean and professional look.

Anything too bright or busy may not translate as well through the lens and could detract from the style you’re going for.

Professional doesn’t have to mean dull

Creating a professional look doesn’t have to mean choosing a bland or overly corporate outfit. What you wear can help make an impact and get your personality across.

Doing a colour analysis prior to your photoshoot can help you understand which shades and tones best suit your hair, skin and eye colour. This will then help you choose an outfit that will make you look and feel great for your headshot.

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Are you after Personal Branding Photographs?

Headshots can certainly help with having up-to-date photographs for your professional profile.

However for a more in-depth representation of your brand, personal branding photographs might be more appropriate.

Personal Branding Photography can help you create more depth and have a portfolio of images that represent different aspects of you, your colours and brand aestethics, how you come across and what values you convey.

The mutiple aspects of your Personal Brand photographs can be incorporated in your narrative and marketing campaings.

They will help you create multiple points of connection with your audience which in turns can lead to the audience being more likely to do business with you.

Looking for more inspiration?

Why don’t you check out some of the famous headshot photographers.

The most well known one that comes to mind is Peter Hurley, a portrait photographer in New York and Los Angeles, regarded as a leader in headshots photography.

Peter Hurley, portrait photographer 

Another famous photographer is Annie Leibovitz more known for her portraits of celebrities and royalties.

Annie Leibovitz


What makes a great headshot

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