Celebrating Age: The Making of the Over 40s Photography Campaign

Embarking on the journey of the Over 40s photography campaign has been a labor of love. It all began with a simple yet powerful idea inspired by photography mentor Sue Bryce – to celebrate age as a gift. 

When I started on the campaign, I was on the lookout for individuals who wanted to take part in photoshoots, plus to share their perspectives and life lessons while shining a light on their unique stories and journeys. 

The campaign was more than the photoshoot

It was about capturing the essence of individuals over the age of 40 – their resilience, wisdom, and unwavering spirit. For me, personally, the campaign resonated deeply, perhaps because I found myself at that stage of life, seeking a different kind of celebration and support. 

Turning 40 is often marked by parties and celebrations, and while I too cherished those moments, I felt a deeper calling. I wanted to create an opportunity for reflection, a chance to look back on the journey so far and step into the next decade with confidence and grace. Age, I realized, is not just a number; it’s a testament to the richness of experiences and the potential for growth and fulfillment. 

Telling the stories in the over 40s photography campaign

Central to the Over 40s campaign are the stories, thoughts, and challenges shared by its participants. Each narrative serves as a testament to the collective impact of embracing age with love and acceptance. Through these stories, we not only support and uplift one another but also inspire younger generations to embrace their journey with an open heart. 

The campaign is more than just a showcase of photographs; it’s a movement fueled by the belief that age is not a barrier but a beacon of possibility. It’s about challenging societal norms and redefining what it means to grow older in a world obsessed with youth. It’s about celebrating the wrinkles as much as the milestones, the laughter lines as much as the achievements. 

I love this quote as I find it perfectly illustrates the power of stories

“We grow so much when we share our stories. There are uplifting moments, nuggets of wisdom, realizing that others have similar challenges.” 

Over 40s photography campaign in London to celebrate life

Creating the over 40s photography campaign magazine

The final stage of telling the stories was the creation of the over 40s magazine which was marked by countless hours, emails, phone calls, and reminders of the purpose of why I started the campaign in the first place. 

In the magazine the stories, personal and professional challenges of the participants in the campaign are recorded and are available to read and download for everyone. To read them you can do via this link to the over 40s magazine page.

The screening exhibition event in London

The final stage of the campaign is the in-person celebration event, which was all along part of the plan. 

The event is on the 18th April 2024 at an art gallery in London, Casildart from 5.30pm, near Marble Arch. The screening will be a great opportunity to gather people that took part in the campaign but also people that have supported me, clients and friends. There will be a screening of the photographs, a short panel discussion and networking opportunities. 

I can’t wait and it will be a “pinch me” moment as I would have never dreamed of organizing an exhibition with my work and on a project that I started and completed, when employed and going through career options. 

What next for the over 40s photography campaign?

As the campaign continues to evolve, my mission remains steadfast – to spread a message of love, acceptance, and empowerment. And to help with confidence and connection

Confidence to stand up, to make an impact, to be a factor for positive change. 

Connection to the heart and from the heart which makes all connections and relations genuine, enriching and empowering. It is through this connection that we are able to share from the heart and to clarify what matters the most to us and why we do what we do. 

With every interview I conducted and every photograph taken, I have aimed to inspire a shift in perspective, to show that there is another way – a way of embracing age with open hearts and open minds. 

In the end, the Over 40s campaign is not just about celebrating a milestone; it’s about celebrating life in all its beauty and complexity.

It’s about honoring the journey we’ve traveled and the roads we’ve yet to explore. Above all, it’s about reminding ourselves and others that age is not a limitation but a source of strength, wisdom, and endless possibilities.

The campaign continues and it will be something I will carry forward. If you’re interested in taking part, do get in touch via the link below. Tell me your take on it and how do you envision yourself as part of the campaign.