40 Over 40 Campaign

40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s
40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s
40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s

Make your 40th and 50th birthday photoshoots a special occasion

What if reaching a milestone is an opportunity to celebrate? And the more years we add to our life, the more precious we become?

Even if you don’t feel the need to change you can still enjoy the spotlight with an opportunity for a makeover and to be on the cover… of the magazine of your life.

40th and 50th birthdays are milestones that are worth celebrating.

What if you chose to take your seat in the spotlight and tell your story? A milestone birthday photoshoot is a great way to do just that.

More about the 40 over 40 campaign

My 40 over 40 campaign is a bespoke photoshoot that is designed to capture a portrait of you that you can cherish and be proud of.

I am only taking a limited number of people on for this campaign. 13 men and women have already claimed their seats. Are you joining us?

An empowering experience that captures you in a way you’ve never seen yourself—whether stripped back or glammed up”.

You’ll walk away with magazine worthy, printed images telling the story of who you are and how you want to be remembered.”

The 40 over 40 photoshoot experience includes:

Pre-shoot consultation to plan your shoot design details.

Professional makeup, styling and wardrobe assistance.

A full, guided photoshoot with Laura.

4-5 wardrobe changes to capture different looks.

A post-shoot image reveal session to present you with the best images from the day to choose from.

One 8×10 print and a digital image (included in the session fee).

The opportunity to purchase more photos from your shoot (in addition to the session fee).

How much does the session cost?

The normal cost for the session is £350, however, I am running a promotional offer for the campaign and have reduced the fee to just £199!

The mission of the campaign

My 40 over 40 campaign has a mission: to celebrate each and every one of you that have chosen to be part of this journey.

Celebrate our life stories.

Celebrate our challenges,

Celebrate our achievements.

Celebrate who we are.

We will celebrate with a beautiful magazine that has been created especially for the occasion, to honour everyone’s stories with a personal feature.

There will also be a celebratory gallery night exhibition where we will gather and support everyone included in this bold project! By coming together, we will create waves and make being over 40 beautiful, strong and powerful.

40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s

More details about your photoshoot

My motivation behind the photoshoot is to create something beautiful for everyday people, just like you and me. I want to help you reconnect with your confidence.

Feeling like you are confident as you are, no problem?! Let’s create something bold—with magazine worthy portraits that will tell the world just that. 

We all have a story to tell, and I am inviting you to tell yours in the most beautiful way.

Pre-shoot Zoom consultation

During this session, we will design your photoshoot.

We will discuss the details, looks, outfits, how to style everything and your preferred location.  I will also let you know what to bring on the photoshoot day and how you need to prepare for your photoshoot.

Bespoke photoshoot session

The photoshoot will take place in my studio, in Tooting Bec, and I will photograph you in up to 5 ‘looks on the day.

It is my job to be certain you are 100% comfortable with how you sit, stand and pose and the looks you are going for, so that you can truly enjoy every moment of the experience.


Professional makeup | Styling and wardrobe

You will start the morning of your shoot with one of our professional makeup artists (MUAs). She will give you professional makeup (included in the service fee) and light styling  for your hair. More in depth hair styling is possible, you will need to let us know in advance and there may be another additional fee for that.

We want you to feel and look great in your wardrobe choices and will help you get just the look you want. The MUA will also be on hand to help you choose your first outfit choice for the shoot.

Print and digital image

Included in the session fee is one (1) 8×10 print which will be matted and ready to frame. You will also receive an accompanying digital image, sized for use on social media and the web.

You will be able to choose your desired print and digital image during the post-shoot photo reveal session.

Viewing Session

After the day of your shoot, we will arrange for your photo reveal session which is typically held 1 week after your photoshoot. The reveal session takes place on Zoom and is when you will get to see all your beautiful portraits.

You will be able to choose your 8×10 print which I will print and mount, ready to frame. I will also send the digital version straight to your inbox so you can share away!

At the reveal session you will also have the opportunity to purchase more of the images captured during your shoot, should you wish to. However, there is no pressure or obligation to purchase additional images if you do not want to.

If you do decide to purchase more images, we will have pricing available and will gladly credit your session fee towards the collections.

A product guide of the collections is available to you during your consultation so that you know what is offered ahead of time.

Collections start from £350 for an additional 3 images, and the final digital images are edited. The corresponding prints will also be sent to you in a lovely keep-sake box for you to cherish.

40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s

Gallery Night and Magazine

At the conclusion of the 40 over 40 project there will be a gallery exhibition of the images of everyone that wishes to take part in the campaign. 

I will select my favourite image from your folio, and it will be exhibited on the gallery night, as well as being included in the ‘40 Incredible People, Step Into Your Power {40/40}’ magazine! 

To support the gallery night, I want you to bring your friends and come together to celebrate everyone that has participated in the empowering project.

How to be a part of this amazing campaign

If you are 40, 50, or beyond I am inviting you to book your session with me and be included in this transformative campaign.

The photoshoot sessions are for anyone over 40 that wishes to reconnect with their self-confidence and create something beautiful in the process.

Simply fill in the contact form to reserve your space on the project and I will be in touch once I have received your submission.

Why choose me for your photoshoot?

I have trained with incredible photographers and have been photographing people in Southwest London since 2017.

My style is relaxed, natural and elevating, I will guide you all the way through the photoshoot process – from how to get ready, what to wear and how to stand and pose.

As part of my shoots, I work with incredible hair and makeup artists who will look after you for the day and make you feel amazing.

As well as my photography skills, I also have knowledge and experience in marketing and social media, which allows me to blend in marketing, branding, and photography skills into the work I produce for my clients.

FAQs about the campaign and photoshoot

I have put together the answers to some frequently asked questions about the campaign, read them below.

Testimonies from my loving clients

“I bought a 40 over 40 package as a gift for my brothers 40th birthday after seeing an offer for it on social media. He has been away from the UK for a number of years and returned for a new job, this I thought definitely warranted a fresh new professional look to celebrate the occasion. The feedback I received from my brother was brilliant, he absolutely loved Laura’s approach. She helped to loosen him up and get him relaxed which doesn’t happen often. The results were some truly brilliant looking professional photos perfect for his new senior position. I couldn’t recommend Laura any higher, she’s a great photographer and her range of packages leave for lots of variety.”

Stephen Ideh

I had a brand photoshoot with Laura and from the very beginning of our initial call she was professional.She helped and guided me to pick clothes and colors that suited me.On the actual day, she was welcoming and we had so much fun taking those gorgeous, pictures. I will recommend Laura to anyone looking to have quality and professional photos taken.

Beatrice Anim

Laura is a great photographer. I had an amazing experience having a portrait shoot. Afterwards, I had a large selection of images to choose from, including the best photo ever taken of me. Thank you Laura!

Johanna, London

Laura makes having your pictures taken feel much less of a chore. She also provides great photos. For those of us who do not consider ourselves photogenic, that’s a super power.”

Jodie Greer

Be People Smart

Laura made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I met her. She is a fabulously talented photographer. I absolutely loved my images. She also helped to manage my anxiety and put me at ease instantly. Truly a flawless experience; thank you so much Laura!"

Margaret Reiser

Sage Consulting

Why you should be part of the 40 over 40 campaign

Self Love

To learn that self-love is necessary.

Mature Beauty

To promote mature beauty.

Inspire Others

To be a torch bearer for other women and men who do not feel they measure up.

Embrace Your Body

To embrace your body. Every curve, every mark, every line.

Honour who you are

To honour who you are and do something to empower yourself.

Create Invaluable Assets

Create invaluable assets for your business, yourself and your family.

Contact me to book your 40 over 40 photoshoot session

Use the form below to reserve your space in the project. I will be in touch as soon as I can after I receive your submission.

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