Alright, to be honest I don’t miss it so much.

In particular the physical side of it, getting big, tired and out of breath. Feeling hot and having swollen ankles.

Near my 30th week, I read a great piece of advice, to buy shoes one size bigger. I did it and it made my pacing up and down the tube and the Northern line, much smoother.

But there are two things I do miss a little, in fact a lot.

The special feeling of having a little human being growing inside me and feeling like on some kind of “superior mission”, of looking after this fragile little creature.

Responding to that superior mission, I did so many special things that nurtured the baby but also myself.

A healthy diet

Although I was careful, I was not too obsessed in terms of risk, so I did eat smoked salmon, which is allowed in the UK. I also washed my salad only with water, as opposed to rinsing it with vinegar, as they do in France to reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis… I know, a bit too much…oh la la!!

Having a daily rest

I did have one every day after work or at the weekend.

Lots of relaxing baths

I loved soaking in the hot water, with lovely Sanctuary Spa products, relaxing music, candles and all.

Sleeping on the left side

In particular after week 32 is thought that sleeping on the left side can encourage the baby to position itself in, one of the optimal positions for birth.the Occiput Anterior position which means that baby’s back is against mummy’s tummy.

Hypnobirthing for my first and hiring a doula for my second

Having a doula was the best decision ever even though she actually wasn’t there for the birth of the baby but all the discussion I had with her before hands helped a lot on the mental side of coping with childbirth.

I spent a lot of time reading about the physiology of birth

I read how the signal of pain from contractions, is transmitted to our brain and especially how a different signal, the “I can cope with this” message after going through a contraction, reaches the brain even faster, causing what is known as “altered perception of pain”, or in simpler terms less pain.

Dimmed lights, music, massage can help getting to that state and once there, it is easier to continue labour, feeling encouraged and euphoric.

I did reflexology sessions

Both my babies were late and I did reflexology after the due date. Having your feet massaged is amazing, I loved it.

Swimming regularly

I did go for regular swims, every other day in the last 2-3 weeks of both pregnancies.

I took homeopathic remedies

I swear by colophylum for a quick and efficient labour. I took it for a week, after my due date with baby nr 2 and I believe it made my labour faster: 2 hours 15 minutes of active labour and a baby delivered at home, with my husband and paramedics in the last 15 minutes.

Perineal massage with almond oil

I swear by this as well, for reducing the risk of tearing.

Sex, more than now

I don’t know how that makes us look? Like tired parents of two boy??


I had a rubbish phone at the time and so ended up listening to hypnobirthing recordings and switching off.

Listening to yoga nidra relaxation tracks

There are some free recordings from the Yoga Nidra Network website.

There aren’t many other experiences in life which are as intense as pregnancy or giving birth. They are all consuming. Once you’ve been there it’s never the same afterwards.

That is what I miss the most, the intensity, the overwhelming euphoria from giving birth and having a new baby.

And all the other special things I did to nourish my body and my mind.

Now, if I did more of these other things, perhaps I would not be tempted to start all over again?