What to look forward to in January 2019? Let’s create some photography fun and memories in Tooting

After all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, here comes January! Anything to look forward to? Most people will think of it as the month for a “dry” (not much fun) January. Other people and statistics see it as the dullest month of the year with the longest dark days and no particular special dates or occasions to celebrate.

But January shouldn’t be all gloom and doom. After all it is the month of “resolutions”, new jobs and career changes and apparently lots of babies.

As a photographer I do tend to think of it as a quieter month after the fabulous autumn and the cheery Christmas shoots. However I do think about it in advance and I see it as the month of actually doing the things you were planning to do but couldn’t because of all the Christmas hype.

And I see it in photography terms as the month of “let’s have some fun”, “dress up” and be “a character” to bring in some joy and inspiration.

I see it as the perfect month for families and children photographs that capture the joy of being a child and the happiness of being a family without the pressure of Christmas.

So would you like to join me and have some fun?

These are from a photo session with a dear friend of mine and her family during their stay with us. They visited from France where I met my friend when we were both young, many many years ago…

Jokes apart we had an amazing time, making memories together again and with our children and these photos did add to that.

The costumes are made locally in Wimbledon by a lovely lady that runs Wonderland Fancy-dress and the girls loved dressing up.

I have a few dates available in January for family and children fancy dress photo shoots. Do get in touch to reserve a slot and let me know your preferred day and time. Do not leave it too late as dates do get booked fairly quickly.

To enquire about availability please email photography@shimilimears.com or call/text 07934788100.

Laura x