Weekend family photo shoots in June and July

I have now released the dates in June and July when I am holding family photo shoots at the weekend. It saddens me to think that the next block of dates I will release will be in the autumn.

Helas this is how it is, time flies by and before we know our cherished babies have turned into toddlers, pre-schoolers, juniors and dare I say, teenagers.

I help families capture the tiny steps, the laughs and the natural reactions that children only can have.

The dates I have available for family photo shoots in June and July are below.

All the useful information 

Slots are 1 hour long and a session fee of £50 applies to reserve a slot. The package fee applies in addition and it depends on the number of final images you choose, with packages starting from £150 for 3 digital images and 3 prints.

My sessions are fun, relaxed and natural, with little direction making sure I capture your family as you truly are.

Through my work I aim to make a difference and help children that are less fortunate by donating from my monthly bookings to 4 charities I support and through regular events I organise. To read more about the charity work, please go here.

If you would like to reserve a slot the best way is to contact me on 07934788100 or email photography@shimilimears.com.

Dates available in June and July

If you would like to reserve a slot in any of these dates, get in touch by phone or email.

Looking forward to making the most of the summer’s longer days.