I set myself a task to get better at photographing people in the street. 

That is an area I like and I want to get better at as I like observing what people do, how they dress, how they behave and interact. But of course as fascinating it can be it is also quite difficult. What I worry the most about is people’s first reaction, whether they want their picture taken and whether they will interact with me to say ‘please delete’ or whether they will turn away. What happens most times is people turn away to avoid being photographed. So the type of images I kept shooting were ‘stolen’ images which were not very well framed, or were taken in a hurry or didn’t have any expressions in them. 

So I decided to change that and started asking people if I could take their picture. Here are some of these photos. 

I was looking at this man as he was laying asphalt on one of the back streets near St Pancreas. After I asked to take his picture he said yes. He asked what was it for and I said for my blog, which he seemed ok with.
Another similar occasion and the man was happy to pose, and as you can see he is really posing while the ladies are busy chatting. 
This young chap was happy to pose as long as I could help him find a girlfriend – anyone interested let me know?? 
Here it was the youngster on the left that asked ‘miss can you take our picture’ as he saw me walking around with my camera. I was happy – for once it was someone else asking me to do it!
And a few images in the tube. 

While practising street or ‘tube’ photography in this case of a line of men standing in a line, waiting for the tube, these photos also fulfil another aim: entertaining my son as he loves train, ‘tchu tchu coming’.