Interview with South London fashion lover and designer, Photini of Brixton Style Hunter who loves and shouts about local fashion brands

Photography and fashion are very close, today I am publishing an interview with South London fashion lover and designer, Photini of Brixton Style Hunter.  
I have met Photini a number of years ago in Brixton through our sons who shared the same childminder.  They were the same age so grew up together and were very close.

What is your background and when did you start freelancing?

I am a freelance fashion designer and have been freelancing for two years now. I love the flexibility it has given me to be able to combine work alongside motherhood.
It has also been a great way to add variety to my work – no job has been the same. I’ve designed sleepwear, outerwear, dresses and then also lectured on the side and it keeps me really fresh.

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog as I kept coming across great South London fashion brands and I felt they needed to be shouted about.
Social media has really opened up the market place for small start-ups to get their message heard and I wanted to help promote these great little finds.

What are you doing at this moment?

Updating my social media accounts

What are you plans for the business for this year?

Well I’m expecting baby no 3 at the end of November! So I will take a bit of time off and continue with my current commitments which are very flexible so should be do-able with baby in tow.

What would you like to do more of and less off?

More designing, more lecturing and more social media. Less of the mundane paperwork you have to do once your self-employed.

What motivates you?

I always need a project, I am a creative person and always have been and need to create at some level to feel content. I love the creative process and working towards a finished piece.

One fact about your self?

My name means light in greek.
We did catch up with Photini for this interview and as an opportunity to take a few shots of her in her natural Brixton environment. Here are some the photos.