How to look after your skin? Advice from holistic skincare guru!

When having photographs taken there is a strong element of needing to feel good about ourselves, about how we look, our skin, what we are wearing etc. It matters for a brief moment usually at the beginning. Once we get in the swing of it things seem to flow more naturally.

I find that if I see the photos taken at the back of the camera I feel more relaxed and I think “oh ok that’s not too bad!!” For the same reasons I do show clients their photos as we go along during a session, as a way to ease the tension and to make the flow more natural. They usually feel reassured about the whole thing, and similar to me think “ah ok that looks good”. At that point all the expectations and worries do vanish for a while.

Until the next showing of photos where other thoughts start creeping in, such as ”oh my hair is looking a bit messy”, “look at my makeup”, or “I am not sure about the position of my shoulders”.

The truth is no one (apart from professional models perhaps?) is completely “shyness free” in front of a camera. We all worry about various things and one of them is our skin.

What is it about our skin that makes us feel good or bad? 

I used to have quite severe acne in my mid 20s and I remember it making me feel down. I had to put on a lot of make-up to hide it and I never felt completely at ease in my own skin. This is now a story in the past as my acne is gone! And I love that I can get in bed at night with no make-up on and have that feeling of feeling clean and with nothing to hide. Something I did dream about during the years I had acne.

Another thing that can worry us about our skin, is complexion, dryness, fading or over colouring. And I am sure other people worry about other things.

To learn more about how to look after our skin I asked a friend of mine who is a holistic skincare guru.

She makes her own soaps, creams, cleansers and uses myriad of techniques to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. Her name is Anxhela Panxhi and she is the founder of Soap Arcadia. She is originally from Albania and practices in a number of countries, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Albania.

I have had a face massage with her myself, last year in Albania and I loved it. I felt my skin was cleaner and rejuvenated, refreshed and full of warmth and life. She used the guasha technique  which did increase the blood circulation on my skin and helped get rid of toxins and improve collagen.

She also gave me a cleanser with lavender seeds (amongst other things) which I still use and everytime I do it gives me that same sensation of heat and blood circulating in my face. My skin feels softer and cleaner after that. She told me she uses the same for herself everyday!! I wish I could do that everyday.

Anxhela Panxhi founder of Soap Arcadia 

Skincare is probably one of the things you start the day with. Either lathering some soap on your face, either rubbing some moisturizer or foundation or makeup on your face.  But skincare itself is part of self care which extends to brushing our teeth and what shampoo we use. Not only that but also to what do we eat.

What do we put on ourselves on the outside and on the inside? What thoughts do we feed?

Yes thoughts can be build in moisturizers or cause for earlier created wrinkles.

That is a strongly chained hallmark that includes what we eat, how we treat the environment before and after self care.

I am happy to share my experience, thoughts, and learn while I teach you.

I am a natural beauty crafter, environmentalist, activist and part of movements for sustainable living.

So far I have  shared my crafts and coaching in countries like Belgium, Holland, Germany, Albania. And now in UK 🙂

But before we go any further, Anxhela has a question for you.

What would you like me to write about mostly?

There is a great opportunity here to learn from Anxhela about how to look after our skin, so over to you what would you like to learn about?

We wil continue this conversation as a series of articles that cover one aspect of how to look after our skin each time and ideas and suggestions from readers are more than welcome.

Contact: anxhelapanxhi.be