Elevate Your Image Through Personal Branding Photography

The most common objections and how to get past them?

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We live in a digital age

In the current digital age, a professional image matters more than ever before. Whether you’re an executive working up the corporate ladder or a professional woman forging your own path, the way you present yourself can significantly impact your career. 

Your external projection is part of your Personal Band, the way other people perceive you and the visual impression your projection will leave on them. If you’re not sure what Personal Branding is, read on What is Personal Branding – what are the benefits?

Jeff Bezos famously described personal branding as “What people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 

Of course we all want our first visual impressions to be great, whether it is on Linkedin or when applying for new jobs or considering bigger moves, out of the sector or in more senior roles. 

The best way to make sure that the first impression of our image is right, is to be in charge of it! We can control what other people see of us by using top-notch, professional images that represent our image in the best light. 

After all, our personal reputation is at stake. 

Understanding Your Concerns

In my journey as a personal branding photographer, I’ve met countless individuals who do not feel naturally photogenic. Whether it’s body image concerns, wardrobe dilemmas, or the fear that your professional photos won’t reflect your authentic self, I understand the unique challenges you may face.

Embrace Your Unique Self

How to get past your objections and make sure that even if naturally you don’t feel photogenic, you can elevate your image and be in control of it? 

Your career and your business will benefit from it, projecting an authentic, competent and a better image of you than random photographs that don’t have that professional feel. 

If these concerns resonate with you, you’re not alone, and there’s a solution. 

Finding the right photographer you can work with to create images that will present you in a better and more competent way, is possible. 

What are the most common objections?

“I’m not photogenic.”

Not many people are but working with your personal branding photographer they will be able to capture your best angles and expressions, making you look your best.

“I don’t know how to pose.”

Your personal branding photographer will provide guidance and direction throughout the shoot, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident. You want to see my top tips on Posing For Pictures

“I’m not sure what style I want.”

To determine your personal style, personal branding photographers offer a personalized consultation to determine your vision and desired outcomes. Your style consultation is part of the personal branding photography package with me and it can be scheduled right after we have finalized the booking for your photoshoot.

“I’m worried about retouching.”

I believe in natural beauty enhanced and light minimal retouching, preserving your authentic appearance.

Empowering You Through Photography

If it is body image concerns that are holding you back, it takes inner-work and a shift of perspective to actually embrace your body and celebrate it.  

I’m here to help you embrace your uniqueness and capture your essence in a way that highlights your strengths. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident during our photoshoot. 

To view how I work and see some examples of the work I have done for Personal Branding Photography, take a look here – Personal Branding Photographs and Why Are They Imporant?

Guidance in Wardrobe Choices

Selecting the perfect outfit for your professional photo shoot can be overwhelming. However professional photographers specializing in personal branding photography will be able to help you with style and wardrobe recommendations.

When you work with me, I offer personalized styling consultations to curate a wardrobe that aligns with your brand and personality. From classic corporate looks to more creative options, I’m here to ensure you feel your best. 

I do this by going through the process of the Branding Questionnaire which asks you questions about your style, your colors, what you tend to like and choose, what you aspire to look like and how you want to be perceived. 

Based on these answers we work together to create the visual elements of your style that will guide the personal branding photoshoot. 

Would you like to book a call for your own wardrobe consultation? 

Am I going to look like me?  

One common fear among professionals is that professional photos won’t look like their real selves and authentic selves. I believe that authenticity should be at the heart of every personal branding shoot. My photography style is candid and natural, ensuring that your personality shines through in every shot. I create an environment where you can relax, be yourself, and let your true character come to the forefront.

Take a look at my portfolio – Work That I Love where you can see for yourself the images that come out at the end of the process of working with me as your Personal Branding Photographer. 

Embracing the Discomfort

Stepping into the spotlight can be uncomfortable, I know and I feel the same in a similar situation. However when I am guided by a professional photographer I fully trust them and I follow their guidance. How to stand, where to lean, what to do with my arms etc. 

With my clients I do the same, I guide you every step of the way and I ask you to trust me. My personable approach creates a collaborative experience where your comfort and confidence take center stage. 

Your Transformation Begins Here

Elevating your personal brand isn’t just about capturing a moment in time—it’s about creating a visual narrative that tells your story authentically. With me, you’re not just getting a photographer; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to unlocking your full potential. 

Are you ready to step into the spotlight with confidence and redefine your personal brand? Contact me, Laura Shimili Mears, today, and embark on a journey towards a professional image that reflects the extraordinary person you truly are.

Book a consultation call where I can talk you through the whole process and make it a little bit easier to commit towards better images of yourself that will put you in charge of how others perceive you. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with London’s Premier Personal Branding Photographer. Elevate your image and elevate your career.

Laura Shimili Mears London’s Premier Personal Branding Photographer

Laura Shimili Mears London’s Premier Personal Branding Photographer

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with London’s Premier Personal Branding Photographer. Elevate your image and elevate your career. To get started drop me an email and I will reply as soon as I can.