Woman photographed sitting on stairs with a professional camera next to her smiling.

Personal branding photography is a set of professional brand photographs for professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

These photographs show who you are, they reflect your brand and make your audience feel they know and trust you.

Whether you have an Instagram account, Linkedin, Youtube or Pinterest, you have a personal brand and making the right first impression is a must.

Your personal brand photographs are your visual persona, they are how your brand looks, how it connects with people and the impression it makes.

The Benefits of Personal Branding

What is your brand proposition?

Once you have narrowed down your target audience, identifying their pain-points and how you can help them, is what will keep them interested in your products and services.

When I started out, I had a good website, I had headshots in the about me page, details about my services, reviews and testimonials and that was it.

I didn’t talk about how I could help potential clients and why my services mattered to them. And I wasn’t specific.

What worked for me, was networking, my local presence and reputation that started building up, creating referrals.

In the meantime, over the course of the first 5 years in business, I came to realise the importance of the choices we make, for branding and how we present ourselves.

Creating a compelling brand identity is crucial as it makes you memorable and people remember visuals and colour. At the same time your brand should reflect your values, your vision, your unique selling propositions, what makes you different from others offering the same.


What are the Benefits of Personal Branding Photography


1. Professionalism and Credibility

You can only have one first impression! Making sure that is the right one, is critical.

Your sense of professionalism, how competent and trustworthy you come across, form a large part in a potential client’s impression and decision to do business with you. Your branding photographs are your visual first impression and they tell your story the way you want to, right from the start.

First impressions through your personal branding photographs extend beyond the digital world. Conferences, networking events, and industry publications all present opportunities to showcase your brand in the real world. Your collection of personal brand photographs, will do just that and reflect on your commitment to professionalism and being an authority in your industry.

2. Distinct Visual Identity

Your professional branding images show your distinct personality. They also show your values indirectly by the choices you make in your images. Elements such as colours, your choice of outfits, your brand aesthetics and the environment around you, all play a role in reflecting what you stand for.

Your brand values are the pillars of your identity. Through your professional branding photographs, you can embody these values visually. Whether it’s innovation, authenticity, self-confidence, professional expertise, creativity, leadership, health and wellbeing, sustainability or being inspired by the world around us, your photos can convey these principles visually leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

Your brand will become recognisable and remembered by potential customers, partners, employers alike. 

3. Enhanced Online Presence

Your professional branding images are a way to connect with your audience, show your unique personality and stand out from the competition by being yourself.

They help to create an experience that encourages your followers to engage with you.

You can use your brand images in a variety of ways throughout the website, social media and marketing efforts.

By using your branding images in your online content, you will get increased visibility, your brand will become recognisable and people might have already seen you before you meet them. Isn’t that amazing as a result of an effective online presence.

4. Storytelling through Imagery

Your personal brand images are more than just a headshot, they help to visually show your professional process or products.

You could show your workspace and what it would be like to work with you. Or you could show what a consultation with you looks like.

How you interact with clients, what materials do you use in the process, the visual storytelling options are endless

In a world full of noise and distractions, storytelling is a strong marketing tool.

Whether you’re an artist, executive, or influencer, these photographs evoke emotions and create a connection with your audience, drawing them into your story.

You are your brand

People like to buy from people they know and trust. The more you show yourself on your platforms, by posting images and videos of yourself, what you do, your services or products, your team, your working environment, how you interact with your clients, how you solve their problems, etc, the more they will be familiar with what you offer.

Do not think this is a vanity metric, as it is not. By not showing yourself as the person behind the brand you might be damaging your business more.

Also it is not about showing every little detail but your values, what you stand for can have a strong impact.

I totally get it that it can be nerve-racking to stand in front of a camera for your brand photographs with no idea of what to do but with practice you can become better.

To get great branding images, find the right photographer and trust that they will guide you through with ease and excitement.

To start creating your compelling brand that really represents you, your personality and your business, download my free Ultimate Brand Workbook.

Increase social media engagement with your brand photos

Starting to show yourself and your brand on social media, trust me will lead to increased engagement. I find it every time on my own account and on client’s too.

Whenever they do an about me post, on instagram or on Linkedin, and when they tell stories from their own life, business or journey, they get a lot of engagement.

People just want to get to know you more and once i realised that, it changed my perspective. People love to know your story, your journey, your challenges and successes and sharing as much as you are comfortable with alongside your branded images, will increase engagement.

Finding the right photographer means that they will guide you through the process. On where to find the right locations, discuss outfit choices and guide you through each pose, so you feel more relaxed in front of the camera.

Professional branding changes everything 

More trust builds more sales

Strong and consistent branding makes a difference as it builds trust between you and your clients. Having a clear and strategic brand message and strong visuals is crucial for business because sales are gained by trust and lost by confusion.

Raise your perceived value

No matter how much effort you’ve put into your service behind the scenes, customers will judge its value based on your branding and what they see. Having a professional website and brand assets such as your branded photos, ensures that you’ll look like the expert you are and means that you can now command higher prices.

Book the right clients

If your website and branding aren’t designed to speak to your ideal client, you’re likely losing money. Branding shows your people that they are in the right place and need you, not anyone else. 

What does a Personal Branding Photoshoot involve?

If you have decided to work with me as your personal branding photographer, your branding photoshoot will include the initial branding consultation, the branding clarity (questionnaire), wardrobe styling, location planning, posing and direction.

It also includes social media banners for your social media accounts (Linkedin or instagram).

I have broken down each part of the branding package, so you know what to expect when you book a brand photoshoot with me.

Brand Photoshoot Elements 

    1. Branding clarity questionnaire. Your personal branding questionnaire will help you get clear on your visual identity and branding, and ideal client and target market, so we know what kind of images will attract your dream customer
    2. Concept & style consultation. Before your branding shoot, together, we’ll create a Pinterest mood board of ideas to help us visualise and plan your photoshoot.
    3. Personal branding style guide. You’ll receive a PDF personal style guide to help you plan and prepare for your shoot.
    4. Professional hair styling and professional make-up applied before the photoshoot in the studio.
    5. Photoshoot. I can photograph you at my photography studio in Tooting Bec  or a location of your choice. I’ll guide you throughout the entire shoot along with posing and direction, so you don’t need to worry about anything.
    6. Your personal viewing. Your images will be revealed to you during a personal zoom consultation where you will view your brand photos.
    7. Download your images. Your brand images will be provided in website and social formats, so they are ready to use immediately. I will send you a WeTransfer link so you can download your personal brand photos straight to your phone or computer.
    8. Social media banners. I will create social media banners with your brand images and in line with your branding that you can use to update your profiles and use as content for your marketing activity.
    9. Optional extras. If you need  location or prop hire, please get in touch.

Personal Branding Pricing & Packages 

I have created two branding packages to give you flexibility depending on how much time you have and what your budget can allow for.

My personal brand photography packages start at £300. This includes everything from brand strategy, concept and styling, location planning, a visual mood board, hair & make-up, brand photoshoot, your viewing consultation and social media banners.

The second package is a full day of content creation which is £1500 and includes everything as well and more images to choose from in your personal gallery consultation.

After your photoshoot, you will receive your date for the online viewing, your fully edited digital images as well as personalised social media banners to use as part of your marketing content.

Ready to book your personal branding photography session?

Curious to find out more about working together, or ready to book in your branding shoot? Apply for your personal branding clarity call or email me at photography@shimilimears.com

Once you’re booked, I’ll send you my branding questionnaire, and we’ll schedule a visual identity and branding strategy session.

This will help you get clear on your ideal client and what kind of brand statement you want to make.

I’ll bring my branding expertise to the table so we can plan a shoot that will capture your personal style and brand message.

Once we have a date in mind, we’ll schedule a personal style and wardrobe consultation, so you have all the information and advice on what you need to bring and how to prepare for your photoshoot.

You can visit my studio based in Tooting Bec, South West London, or we can arrange a zoom/phone call. After your consultation, you will take home a personal style guide that is packed full of information.

It includes useful advice on how to dress for your body shape, colours that will complement your branding, beauty tips and a checklist, so you don’t forget anything.

Make the decision to start today 

By now, whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur, you should understand why personal branding photography is so important for your business.

Your brand is something that creates an emotional connection between you, your business and your ideal client.  Your branding images can be the difference between not only looking professional but feeling professional.

Not only will you have a library of images to pull from at any given moment, but it will also save you time and money in the long run.

Because let’s face it, that LinkedIn headshot your friend took of you at a wedding cropped in, probably isn’t making the kind of statement you want.

Awards and Recognitions

I take immense pride in my commitment to excellence and dedication to capturing the essence of personal branding through photography. My work has been recognised and celebrated by esteemed industry organisations, and I am grateful for the honours and accolades that motivate me to continually raise the bar.

Bronze merit
2022 & 2021

Portrait Masters for contemporary portrait work. The Portrait Master’s awards recognise professional standards in the industry. The bronze merits awards professional standard levels and was received on portraits that I submitted of clients.


Services we provide 


1. Headshot Photography

For all your headshot needs for Linkedin or the website, our Headshot services are a great option if you are looking to update your Linkedin headshot and other profile pictures.

The headshot photoshoot is like a personal photoshoot in the studio in Tooting Bec or in other London locations where I will guide you through the posing and capture the best angles for the work that you need.

Your headshots mean business and when you work with me your headshots will not only represent your personal brand and what you stand for but they will be invaluable assets that you can use time and time again.

To get started, it is very simple, get in touch via email or a phone call to book your session in. To prepare for it, we will go through outfit choices together and I will also send you a personal styling guide on how to get ready.

During the shoot you will have my guidance on every step so you don’t have to feel that you have to make this up. There are tried and tested ways that work and I will make sure you never feel out of your depth.

After the photoshoot, you will have a great gallery to choose your final images from. The final edited photographs will be ready and I will send them to you via wetransfer electronically so you have them ready to use and present to the world your new profile.

Have more questions? Just give me a call.

Ready to get started?



2. Corporate Photography


For companies that have teams and are recruiting their first team members or regularly recruiting new staff, my corporate photography is the perfect option.

With my photography services in your location, the pop-up studio is perfect, flexible and nevertheless a proper photography studio that produces professional standard headshots for all your team needs.

Not only that but the process is very similar to a personal photoshoot session even though it is in a corporate environment. I never spend only 5 minutes with a client and therefore it is never rushed. I take my time, listen to the client and try all the different options, angles and poses to make you feel and look good.

Consistency is key when it comes to all your team’s photographs and maintaining that consistency will present an overall impression of your team as a distinct brand.

Showing your people to your potential clients, investors and new staff, in a consistent and branded way, will create the right impression and set the right tone from the get-go.

To get started, it is very simple, get in touch via email or a phone call to book your session in. To prepare for it I will send guidance for everyone on how to get ready for the photoshoot.

During the shoot I will guide everyone in the same way as I would a client in a personal photoshoot session to make sure I capture their very best.

After the photoshoot, I will prepare your personal team photoshoot gallery to choose the final images from. The final edited photographs will be ready and I will send them to you via wetransfer electronically so you have them ready for everyone to use.

Have more questions? Just give me a call.

Ready to get started?

3. Business Photography

For business owners and entrepreneurs, having professional photographs of your personal brand is critical as in a fast visual way, professional photographs show your potential clients and partners who you are and what you stand for.

Business headshots are profile images representing you and your business, as the champion or the founder of your business.

Having a great collection of business headshots will elevate your brand, save you time and present you in the right way online, in person and at external events.

The power of professional images stands in how they present you, create trust and a sense of familiarity with people that haven’t met you, give you credibility and a sense of competence and set the tone when people want to do business with you.

I really enjoy every challenge when taking business headshots for business owners.

Do you hate having your photos taken? You don’t feel photogenic, professional, impressive enough? Don;’t worry and don’t let that hold you back. Most people feel the same way and the more you do it the more you get used to it.

If you don’t show who you are in your business or worse if you don’t have good quality professional photographs, you might be damaging your business more. After all, being a small business owner is personal and people like to know you personally and do business with people they like and trust.

To get started, it is very simple, get in touch via email or a phone call to book your session in. To prepare for it, we will go through outfit choices together and I will also send you a personal styling guide on how to get ready.

During the shoot you will have my guidance on every step of the way so you don’t have to feel that you don’t know what to do. The 7 years of experience as a professional photographer have taught me some ways that work and I will make sure you don’t feel uneasy.

After the photoshoot, you will have a great gallery to choose your final photographs from. The final edited images will be ready and I will send them via wetransfer electronically so you have them ready to use and present to the world your new profile.

Have more questions? Just give me a call.

Ready to get started?

4. Portrait Photography

The portrait work is one of the favourite parts of the work I do. It is different from business and personal branding work as it is not related to work. It is something you do just for you, as a person, a human, a woman or a man, a couple, family, mother and daughter, generations.

The Portrait photography work is about creating the most amazing experience for you, where you get to feel you are worth every penny you spent, you are worthy of a great celebration and a great collection of images to gold and to cherish.

The portraits we create can be very personal, they can be a statement, a celebration after a life challenge, a celebration of your age, of your love and connection with your family or friends. They are a priceless moment in time that remind us of our value and what is precious in life.

The portrait experience is for everyone, don’t feel limited by your age, or your appearance or your views on your body. What is in your soul and in your heart is what matters and that can be seen and made visible through timeless portraits that will outlive you.

To get started, get in touch via email or a phone call for a consultation. I will walk you through the process, explain the experience, discuss the location, the concept and styling, outfits and we will do the mental work that might be needed to get there.

Not only will you have a unique experience and great portraits but also a luxury folio box with all your portraits printed inside.

During the shoot I will guide you and will take the time as needed to go through the different poses and body work with as many breaks as needed and changes of outfits and set-ups. But don’t worry, you will have my guidance and the professional make-up artist will apply all her best artistry on the day.

After the photoshoot, we will view the portraits during the viewing consultation together and you will be able to make your choices.

As well as the final edited photographs you will also get to take home the luxury folio box with all your prints inside. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Have more questions? Just give me a call.

Ready to get started ?

Thank you for reading.

Laura Shimili Mears, Professional Portrait and Headshot Photographer in London.