13 reasons to have a photoshoot 

It is a fact that most people don’t enjoy having their photos taken. It could be because of a bad school photo experience when they were young.

Or from photos taken at work, in a fast paced day when the photographers had to go through hundreds of people (similar to the school photo situation but for adults).

Or simply they don’t enjoy being asked to stand and smile behind a camera. 

However, things have changed and whether it is for work reasons or for personal reasons, having a photoshoot can be a great experience. 

13 reasons to have a photoshoot, photo showing a woman in a photoshoot studio

Here are 13 reasons to have a photoshoot

  1. It can be a lovely gift to someone special 
  2. It is a boost of confidence 
  3. It can be professional photographs for the business 
  4. It offers a different experience, something new
  5. A makeover and photoshoot can be a transformative journey 
  6. On the occasion of being engaged and married
  7. When a newborn baby is born
  8. For growing children and their families
  9. When turning 40, 50, 60, a milestone
  10. A fun experience with friends
  11. A memorable thing to do with your mum
  12. Modelling and acting portfolios
  13. For wall art in a new home 

Photographers are trained to work with different types people

Photographers are able to guide people to feel relaxed and pose in a way which enhances personal features. 

Admittedly this might take some time but it is what makes the difference between bad / average photos and excellent photos. 

More and more people are having photoshoots with the rise of social media, online dating, personal branding, moving towards more fulfilling careers and wanting to preserve and share precious family moments and create a legacy. 

Every shoot is different

It could be that we use different lighting, we invite you to stand or sit, we could be in the studio and outdoors, using stairs and stools, taking action shots, changing outfits, etc.

The variety and the different types of photoshoots that I create for people is amazing. 

I could be doing Personal Brand Photographs one day and a 40 over 40 campaign photoshoot next day. Photographs for updating Linkedin profile are popular and also Makeover and Photoshoot Portrait experience which is fun and makes you feel all glamorous and amazing. 

The most important part is to build connection and trust

But also to dispel the tension and apprehension that could be there at the start. 

It is amazing and something I absolutely love to see, the reaction in people’s faces when they see their photos and they can’t believe how good they are. 

I know it works and I know it changes things

Enough from me, I know it works and I know it changes things inside us and outside in the environment surrounding us, which makes the experience even more powerful. 

Why don’t you come and see for yourself?

If you’d like to discuss a photoshoot, don’t hesitate to contact me on 07934788100 or email photography@shimilimeas.com or fill the form below. 

Until next time, keep well.


Woman in her 70s in a photoshoot
Portrait Experience photoshoot for woman with makeup and styling


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