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Award Winning Portrait Photographer in London, Tooting

Welcome, I would love to tell your story and take the best portrait ever taken of you!

A portrait experience that will take you on a journey.

I bet you think you are not photogenic or your photos don’t come out well. Or you are too self-conscious.

Would you like to join me in this journey?

A makeover with hair styling and makeup professionally done.

A photoshoot that we design together from the start, with your preferences taken into account.

A viweing session where you get to see and select your portraits.

A unique experience that will change you.

What is the portrait experience about?

It is about connection, being appreciative, celebrating and trusting that there is more.

The photoshoot is designed together, from the very first moment we speak on the phone to the last one when you leave the studio.

In fact the experience continues when you get to see your images in front of you, when you share them proudly with your friends and family and everytime you glance at them and feel the power of being you and being celebrated.

Photo of make-up brushes and bobby brown boxes

How do we design it together?



We design the photoshoot together from your vision.

We discuss wardrobe, colours and styles.

I am the technician and you are the creative director.

I have plenty of ideas, skills and tools to execute your vision. Lighting, posing these are areas I will foresee to make sure it all looks perfect and you look the best version of you!


The Portrait Experience

Expect a day to remember. How you felt and how it changed from apprehension to letting go.

In the studio everything will be ready for you. The make-up artist will start with your hair styling and will then move on to your makeup. Be prepared to take away tips on your skincare and makeup routine.

Your personal photoshoot will begin as we work through the different outfits.

There are refreshments available and at the end maybe a glass to celebrate and fully take in the whole amazing day? 


Your Portraits

After the photoshoot we will book in a date to view your portraits on zoom. Be prepared to fall in love with all of them.

When you are ready, you can select the portraits you want to take home with you and to be part of your beautiful folio box. 

How many you choose, is entirely up to you.

My job is to create work that you will love and will want to buy all. 

A Folio Box with your Portraits

Keep-sake box

The portraits of you that you will take home, will be presented in a folio box that is a beautiful keep-sake.

Final editing

After the viewing I will finalise the portraits you have selected and do the final edits to them.

In your home

I will send the folio box to your home for you to enjoy and display in the pride of place.

40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s
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Portraits of you, London Portrait Photographer
40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s
40 over 40 campaign, celebrate your 40s


Laura is a great photographer. I had an amazing experience having a portrait shoot. Afterwards, I had a large selection of images to choose from, including the best photo ever taken of me. Thank you Laura!

Johanna, London

Laura makes having your pictures taken feel much less of a chore. She also provides great photos. For those of us who do not consider ourselves photogenic, that’s a super power.”

Jodie Greer

Be People Smart

Laura made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I met her. She is a fabulously talented photographer. I absolutely loved my images. She also helped to manage my anxiety and put me at ease instantly. Truly a flawless experience; thank you so much Laura!"

Margaret Reiser

Sage Consulting

Pricing & Packages


See below a summary of the booking fee to secure a portrait session.

Before the photoshoot we plan a wardrobe consultation. 

During the photoshoot I invite you to have fun, make a day out of it and thoroughly enjoy yourself !

I provide drinks and snacks during the hours in the studio. Also to document the fun during the makeup session and the photoshoot, I will be taking before and after shots so you can see how amazing it has all been. As well as candid video clips of behind the scenes.

At the reveal session, which we plan after the photoshoot, prepare to fall in love with all your images.

Let’s Start Planning!

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