10 Reasons why companies need high-quality Team and Staff Headshots in London

As a photographer specializing in Headshot Portraits & Corporate Photography I’ve had the opportunity to work with businesses and companies of all sizes across London.


I have worked  with medium size business consultants in London Bridge, big law and data professionals in industry conferences with headshot pop-up stations in Liverpool street, mutual fund investors in St James London, trade and finance companies in West London and property marketing agencies in South West London. 


When I arrive in the offices to set-up my pop-up studio for headshots, I notice a range of reactions. Some people are eager while others look nervous. Despite the different ways people feel about the experience, it is important for companies to have professional staff headshots.


Why do companies need staff headshots? Let’s look at 10 reasons why.

1: The “About us” page welcomes visitors

This is where your team and company are introduced to visitors and first impressions matter. 

The staff headshots on “the about us” page are a reflection of the company’s values and culture, making these elements visible to anyone coming on to your website.

Details such as the choice of dress code, the type and colours of the background, lighting and expressions shows whether the company has a traditional vibe, or is more relaxed.

Make sure the impression here is set at the right level with professional photography.

Headshot Photographer, London

2: Personal Connection

Team and staff headshots make the brand familiar by putting faces to names.

When customers can see the people behind your company, it helps them feel a personal connection. This, in turn, can lead to increased trust, connection and loyalty.

3: Staff Recruitment and Recognition

Being familiar with the people before an interview and seeing their faces while having a feel for the company will help new recruits assess whether the company is a good match for them.

Conversely for employees, having professional headshots can provide a sense of recognition and pride. Seeing their headshots featured on the website or marketing materials, it makes them feel valued.

Headshot Photographer, London
Headshot Photographer, London

4: Linkedin Profile

Clients I find love to use their new headshots on Linkedin as it makes them look professional and approachable. Using the same type of headshots means keeping the consistency with others in the company.

Of course it is up to people themselves to want to use their headshot photos on LinkedIn. A benefit of that is that is staff share their professional headshots on social media, it helps promote the company brand to their networks.

5: Staff Headshots in Marketing Materials, Brochures, Speaker Bios

Staff headshots can be used in a variety of marketing materials, for e.g. printed brochures about the company that you give to potential clients. They can be used on event pages where your employees are speaking and engaging with others in the sector.

Also in conference speaker bios where you have secured important public speaking engagement for your staff that represent the company, expertise and competitive edge.

Headshot Photographer, London
Headshot Photographer, London

6. Employee Engagement

Since Covid companies are using different techniques and policies to entice staff back in the office.

Staff headshot days are not only an opportunity to update the company’s website and marketing materials, but it can also be a great tool for employee engagement. Organizing staff headshot days, for people in your company is a chance for them to come together as a team, fostering a positive company culture.

7: Confidence Boost

Getting professional headshots can be a great confidence-boosting experience for your staff. Some of them might have never had such an experience before and it can add to their enjoyment of working in the company.

Especially when the session is carried out by an experienced photographer who knows how to direct people of all ages and body shapes and make them feel comfortable and confident. A session with me as your photographer will make your staff feel good, with the help of a bit of editing magic!

Photography for lawyers in London | Corporate photographer creating images that enhance your reputation
Headshot Photographer, London

8: Internal communications

Headshots are great for both internal and external communications and having good photographs that people want to use will lead to increased communications.

Seeing someone’s profile photographs makes communication with that person easier. There is already a sense of connection from noticing what they look like, their colors, hair style, what they’re wearing etc.

9: Competitive Advantage

Companies that present themselves professionally and pay attention to details, such as professional headshots, are more likely to come across as investing in their brand, their staff and how people perceive them.

In a busy place like London or other major capital cities, standing out and being visible can make the difference between a company and its competitors, which can lead to attracting more clients and customers.

Investing in staff headshots gives companies a competitive advantage
Headshot Photographer, London

10: Media and PR

A presence in the media and press can significantly enhance a company’s image and reputation.

Having a library of images that you can pull upon when needed for an article or a feature means being proactive and looking for the opportunity to be featured in the press.

Not everyone is familiar with photoshoots

A headshot session is an opportunity for a new experience and to practice a few things about image and body confidence.

How many of the people I photograph have no idea that if they lean back their body looks bigger and the head and face smaller.

So here you have it, a few tips and tricks and 10 reasons why your company needs staff headshots. It makes your company look good, it showcases your brand, your staff feel and look good too.

If you are looking for staff and team headshots in London and want to find out more, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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