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Headshots for your team and staff

With great people and ideas businesses thrive and a part of their success is the importance of having a great team.


Is your team visible to the outside world? Are the photographs of your team professional and consistent?


For businesses, team photographs and headshots represent a window to showcase who they are, what they stand for and for making a great first impression. 

Corporate Photography is an important part of the brand and marketing efforts of successful companies who are also great places to work.

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Photography for law firms and solicitors in London | Corporate photography
Woman with glasses in a photograph
Photography for lawyers in London | Corporate photographer creating images that enhance your reputation
Professional Headshots Team Photographs London
Photography for law firms and solicitors in London | Corporate photography

Where are headshots and team photographs used the most for?

Company Website:


  • Team photographs and headshots are often used on the “Meet the team” section of a company website. This allows visitors to put faces to names and learn more about the people behind the business.

Social Media Profiles:


  • On platforms like LinkedIn predominantly where businesses connect with customers and clients. Professional headshots can help create a positive first impression and establish credibility.

Marketing Materials:


  • Team photographs and headshots are frequently used in marketing materials, brochures, flyers, and advertisements to showcase the people behind the brand.

6. Press Releases and Media Kits:


  • When sending out press releases or media kits for important events, including team photographs and headshots can help journalists and media outlets put a face to the story and make it more engaging.

7. Recruitment and HR Materials:


  • Team photographs and headshots are often used in recruitment and HR materials such as job postings, employee handbooks, and company newsletters to help attract and retain top talent.

8. Presentations and Proposals:


  • Including team photographs and headshots in presentations and proposals can help personalize your pitch and make it more memorable for potential clients and partners.

Company Annual Reports 


  • Where employees and teams and senior leadership teams are included, having photographs to accompany text makes the reading more interesting and adds a visual appeal.

How does a team headshots day work?

  1. For starters, getting a date in the diary is the first step. The date has to work for most teams and their staff.
  2. The date is confirmed in all diaries, office and team, directors, managers and individual people.
  3. The photographer and the commissioning person, marketing director or office manager will discuss the requirements, style of photographs, location in the office space, dress code and general branding guidelines.
  4. A style guidance is issued and circulated to everyone so that they are all aware of how to prepare and what to wear on the day.
  5. Practicalities such as the order of the day, number of people, any group shots etc are part of the planning.
  6. On the day the photographer will set-up the studio space and will start taking headshots of people on the list. Things can run pretty smoothly when planned well and everyone one knows the location /room for the shoot and when they are to make an appearance.
  7. Once everyone has had their photos taken, the photographer will pack up the studio and everyone will breathe a sigh of relief that the day went well and was properly planned.
  8. After settling invoices etc the photographer will send to the commissioning person a gallery with the images for everyone to make their choices. Sometimes choices might have been made on a computer after the individual photoshoot.
  9. Final images edited will be shared by the photographer with the company and everyone can enjoy and start using their new photographs.

This is a standard day and of course there are things that might happen such as not everyone is able to make the day. Often photographers offer a reshoot date or the option to go to their studio. When working with me, I make sure we have all the details ironed out. A recce visit is sometimes needed to get a feel for the space and the people of the company.

Most importantly people are happy with the end results and enjoy the process of being guided and engaged professionally during their individual photoshoot time, when working with me.

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What clients say about working with Laura Shimili Mears Photography

“Very happy with how the headshot day for our executive team went. It was very smooth, Laura and the make-up artist did an excellent job and everyone is very happy with the final results” Ben Crossley. 

“For the last four years Laura has been taking our Corporate PR photos and team pictures and has always delivered excellent results.” Tony O’Flaherty

“It was a pleasure working with Laura. She made the whole process easy and fun with an output that we are proud to share on our website and via social media to help our business look professional and welcoming.” Ben Richards 

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