Professional Photographer of teams, headshots & website photography.

As a professional photographer, I love building relations and working with clients on a regular basis. I specialise in headshots for business and photography for the website and can help companies create great photography of their staff and the company.

I have worked with law firms, accountants, digital agencies, estate agents.

I have a mobile studio that can be set up in the offices and take individual headshots of all the team. In an increasingly digital world, having professional photographs creates a winning impression from the start and enables trust to build.

I am available for a free consultation to see what the clients needs are. Often these projects don’t happen straight away and when clients are ready, I can help firms progress their photography project to the next stage.┬áBefore starting Laura Shimili Mears Photography I worked as a marketing manager, an experience that feeds into what I do now, creating photography for successful marketing.

Headshots & Team Photography by Laura Shimili