Professional Headshots and Company Photography in London

Photography that Enhances your Company Brand

We have milliseconds to make a great first impression.

Great photography can help create immediate CONNECTION, TRUST & EXCELLENT CREDENTIALS. 

I invite you to explore how we can work together to make your website better:

– with strong imagery that showcases your talent

– highlights what is amazing about your company

– shows straight away the images you want your clients and prospects to see.

Woman in a headshot looking professional and smart
Woman in a professional headshot photograph

Brand Enhancing professional headshots for teams in London

Relaxed and effortless experience to get images that will delight you. 

No matter if it is the CEO or a junior member of staff that has just joined, everyone will feel at ease in front of the camera. 

I make the process smooth, by prepping with style notes and creative ideas.

I have a pop-up studio for headshots that can be set up in offices to take individual photos of all the team on the day. 

Of course all this not only results in enhancing your brand but it also shows your team in the best light.

"Laura Shimili Mears Photography – is great!"

“It is definitely not people sitting for a simple headshot – expect to be continually moving throughout the session and doing a lot of different things.”

Aby Hockman​, Marketing Manager Xlinks

"The whole team loved it and enjoyed Laura’s energy and expertise"

“Laura did a photoshoot with my team at AURA Architecture. The process was clear from the start. She sent a creative ideas brief together with a guide on how everyone should dress for the best photos ahead of time.

All the photos looked amazing and it was a hard to pick the best ones because there were so many!

It was a pleasure working with Laura. We are proud to share on our website and via social media to help our business look professional and welcoming. Many Thanks.”

Ben Richards, Aura Architecture.

Headshots and commercial photographer, London
Team photographs for Lawyers in London

Three easy steps to get TOP IMAGES

 1. Book a call to get clarity about your needs and my approach 

 2. Get ready for the day with my style guide and as per schedule agreed

 3. Choose your images from my pre-selection in the online gallery 

So what do I do differently?

I have worked with teams of lawyers, business advisors, fund managers, traders, digital marketers, architects and estate agents in a way that is not rigid, it is focused on the person in front of me and is highly professional. 

Making your staff feel confident and trusting the process is my aim. 

Prior to my photography career I worked in corporate so you can expect no embarrasing moments coming from me.

I can direct your staff in the same professional and easy-going way, whether they have just joined the company or are the founding partners.

My secret ingredient is connection and putting people at ease.

In particular I love working with women in senior roles.

“Thank you so much for all the photos. They look fantastic and we are so pleased with them”.

Tiffany Jenkins, Dragon Argent.

I have worked with Dragon Argent, specialist advisory, accountancy, tax and legal support for fast growth start-ups & SMEs, regulary over the last 4 years.

I have taken headshots of their existing staff, senior teams and new joiners. As well as team photos, board room meeting and other type of content for their marketing activity.  

Team of employees together in a photograph
Headshot photographer, London
Headshot photographer, London
Headshot photographer, London

“Thank you for all of your support and beautiful pictures over this rather challenging year. You are very imaginative and made them go well despite everything”.

Florence Brocklesby, Bellevue Law

Bellevue Law, a boutique law firm specialising in employment, litigation and private client work, is also a regular client over the last 3 years.

I have helped the firm create photographic content they can use on the website and social media, of staff and the team as well as individual headshots of everyone. 

Man in a photograph in the studio
Woman headshot portrait, from our specialist team
Man in a photograph in the studio
Headshot photographer, London
People sitting at a business meeting
We are headshot and Portrait specialists in London

Thanks again for our company headshots, they look great”.

Yasmin Carr-Bond, Orion RP

Orion RP, a firm specialising in Institutional Investing in Metals and Minerals, were looking for new headshots for their senior staff in the London office.

We discussed and agreed the brief before hand, covering all points about the office studio set-up, the schedule for the day, style to be similar to other staff photographs in the New York office. Even down to allowing for any contingency, if people travelling between office locations, (London & New York) would be running late.

The day was a success, I took headshots of everyone and allowed time for the last person who came on the train from Heathrow, after landing from New York.


Man in a photograph in the studio
Man in a photograph in the studio

Behind the scenes in the pop-up studio

Behind the scenes during photoshoot corporate

It is all about experience and planning

For my corporate work I apply the same approach as with my Personal Portraits, to get results that go beyond just a headshot. 

By getting people to drop their shoulders, breathe and relax I am able to create fresh and authentic images.

I celebrated 6 years in business and I am looking forward to the next decade. 

To read more about the Process and Pricing, take a look at the page below. 

Process and Pricing

Pricing works on half-day and full-day rates.

To read more about the Process and Pricing, take a look at the page below. For a personalised quote drop me an email and I will reply within 24 hours. 

To read more case studies

A few more case studies of clients I have helped are in the document below. Scroll right to view more.

I would love to hear from you, I am happy to discuss your brief and see if we are a good match for working together. If we are not, I can recommend other amazing photographers.

Team & Headshot Photography for your Brand