Are you looking for an outdoor family photoshoot in Wandsworth?

You might have spent some time looking around to find a photographer for a family photo shoot. The good news is that there are a lot of professional photographers in the area, so we are all spoilt for choice.

Spending some time looking at images, getting a feel of photography style, understanding where does the shoot take place, what is included and what is not, is always a good idea. After all photography is a product and a service that comes with its own characteristics. And of course the price, which includes the time spent on the shoot, the equipment used, the photographer’s use of talent and experience and time spent in post-production.

Finding more about the photographer can also help in the decision making as we need to resonate with each other and feel that we can work together.

Although the time I spent photographing a family is between 1 to 2 hours, that time is intense as I want to get to the heart of the family and capture what is precious and dearest to you.

So we all need to feel relaxed, trust in each other and feel creative.

Baby’s first year bundle¬†

I had such a special and memorable time with this lovely family who were celebrating their little boy’s 6 months. I have known them since their baby was 3 months old and our relation started from that moment. The family have chosen a “baby’s first year” bundle which includes 3 sessions during baby’s first year, a great way to document the important milestones.

I did the first shoot for them in my home studio and they were delighted with the photos. For the second shoot we kept in touch and did change the appointment time a few times since with babies you never know. So I keep it flexible and relaxed allowing the family to choose the right time for them.

We also decided that this time it would be good to do an outdoor photo shoot in the lovely weather and for a natural setting.

I feel I have a special relationship with the mum and we both respect each other and have a great time during the shoot. I also learn a few words of Spanish every time I see them. This time it was “abuelo” which means “grandad” as grandad was with us, which turned out to be great as he assisted me a lot holding the reflector in place.

Checking availability or more information?

If you are looking for an outdoor family photo shoot in Wandsworth and want to check my availability you can email me directly at photography@shimilimears.com or fill out the enquiry form below.

Usually family photoshoots take place at the weekend which is something I do offer on a Saturday afternoon. The family weekend slots tend to go pretty quickly so don’t leave it too late!

Also kids grow fast and although we take lots of photos of them on our phones, the ones that we put up on our wall are the professional photos taken by an experienced photographer that has taken the time to photograph the family and the children with love.