Family photo shoot, Tooting photographer

Family photo shoot, Tooting photographer

Booking a photo shoot for your family can be a fun and active way to spend an afternoon, outdoors in a park in London.

This is what we did with this lovely family who wanted to celebrate their family of four and their two growing daughters.

Before the shoot we had a phone call with the mum just to go through the session, how it works and ideas on what to wear and bring.

The day before I went on a discovery mission to find the best spots for this family’s photo shoot.

Also to make it fun for the girls, I wanted to create a “trail of activities” where we could do different things. A bit like the National Trust hunts where you go and look for different things and at the end the children can collect a small prize.

So I had the trail ready for the day of the shoot and we started at the first point and walked our way through to all the different stops along the way.

We ended in an area which is hidden away and with not many people, having stopped to collect stick, leaves, look at the ducks and smell the flowers.

At the end the girls did earn their small prize which involved an apple and some balloons.

The mum did actually comment that this was a fun afternoon in the park.

Here are some the photos from the shoot.

It was a really good afternoon and I went home feeling excited about the prospect of warmer and longer summer days.

My dates for weekend family photo shoots are out for June and July and these will be the last dates until September.

Don’t leave it too late to reserve your slot and celebrate your family as you truly are.