Learn Photography & Do It Yourself

Whether you’d like to:


1. Learn to take amazing photographs yourself for your business.

I have an upcoming online course with Instagram expert Donna Anderton.

2. Learn with me how to use your camera, understand all the settings and be able to take photographs and edit like a pro.

Book to have a 121 tuition with me, I will be deligted to help.

3. Learn how to Empower your Brand.  

I have a course I am creating giving you tips in 4 modules on how to Em-Power your Brand. To revceive notifications about this course join the list below.

Laura Shimili Mears

learn photography and do it yourself page with options on how to become a pro

1. Learn Photography

Photography for Instagram Online Course

Are you a business that wants to use social media and Instagram to grow?

Do you feel that you need to increase your visibility and make the right connections?

You have an Instagram account but you find it hard to plan the right content for your audience?

You never know what type of photographs to take, post and how to edit them?

I have teamed up with amazing Instagram Expert Donna Anderton, to help businesses with Instagram and Easy Photography Tips.

We will be delivering an online course where you can learn photography so that you can use Instagram for your business and transform your experience and results.

Get in touch if you have any questions and if you’d like to join the waiting list, we wil notify you when the course is out. 

2. Photography Tuition with Laura Shimili Mears Photography

Want to learn how to use the camera in Manual Mode?

Are you a business owner and you’d like to learn how to shoot for your business?

I can help you learn the basics of photography or more advanced photography tips whether you’d like to:

– Take photographs for your business

– Learn how to create visuals and designs for your online profile 

– Want to get better at taking photographs and video. 

Tuition Sessions last 1 hour and they are personalised to your needs.

Prior to starting I will send you a questionnaire to learn more about you & your photography. We will also schedule a phone call to make sure the learning is adapted to what you need.

Cost is £50 per hour. You can book more than one unit depending on how long you’d like me to help you.

We can cover both camera and phone settings and photography.

To book you can do so via the link below.  

3. Em-Power your Brand mini course

Nurturing a Personal Brand can be very beneficial to your business but it can also be confusing and overwhelming.

In this course ideal for small businesses, I will share my tips on how to create a strong and empowered brand.

How to create a brand propositon that is unique to you?

Write down a clear mission, values and vision for your business.

– How to create branding that matches your vision and values.

– This includes colours, tone of voice, emotion and feelings you want your brand to create in people, photography, editing & basics of video. 

The mini course will land into your inbox weekly, giving you fantastic insights and tip son how to create an em-powered brand in. a month. The modules will also be part of a workbook, the Empowered Brand Workbook, which can be your reference every time you want to go back to it.  

How to reach me


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0044 7934788100


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I look forward to meeting you soon.