Looking for guidance and clarity?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your marketing? Not seeing results can be disheartening.

Which is why I want to help! You can have 121 sessions with me, to review how you are marketing your business and your goals to create a highly effective strategic plan.

Plus accountability which is proven to help progress you towards your goals.

Together we can work on a plan that:

  • Brings you new clients and stengthens relations with existing ones
  • Takes out the guesswork
  • Makes it easier to focus.
Learn photography and do it yourself, page with courses and options on how to become a pro

Is you marketing working?


Feel stuck and not sure what to change?


Trying many different avenues with little result?


Not sure where to start?


Do you have clarity over your customers?


Are you focusing on the right goals, strategy, channels, communications?


Are you reviewing and incorporating the learning?


Book a Mentoring Session

Start marketing your services and your business with more clarity and an accountability partner!

Feel much more aligned with your goals.

Have a clear plan to get there.

We start from your services or products.

Who are your customers?

What is your value proposition? How are you communicating it?

Where are you focusing your efforts? Are you reviewing your data?

At the end you will have:


Marketing strategy on a page


Clarity and Focus


Accountability Partner

Marketing and business mentoring for small businesses

Hey! I am Laura, experienced self-employed running a sucessful Photography business for the last 6 years, a Networking Group and Digital Marketing and Business Mentor.

As a photographer I have worked with many business owners on their branding, personal or company.

Marketing is something I really enjoy as it is a way to spread the word about how amazing you are as a business owner and the difference you are making.

Being a one-person band or a small team we have to wear all the hats and I know that marketing can be one of the most time-consuming ones. Which is why I want to help to make the most of your time.

You can book a free call for your business and get a feel for what it could be like working together.



During May 2024 I have an introductory offer – at half the price per session, £75 instead of £130 and blocks of 3 sessions at £175 instead of £350. This offer is valid only during May.



Who is this for?

It is for self-employed people, business owners, and employees that are looking for clarity and direction in their marketing. 

Why should I book?

If you want to streamline your marketing. Have a 1 page marketing plan, to maximise your efforts and progress towards your goals. If you want to work with an accountability partner.  

How does it work?

The sessions are online, 90 minutes long. We will discuss your

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Vision & Values
  • Brand & Messaging

You can book as many sessions as you want and book a free call to have a feel for how I work.

I am busy, are you flexible?

Of course, we will set the dates for your sessions based on your availability. Once we have set the dates I will add them in the calendar and invite you so you have them in your calendar. I will keep you accountable and help you create a plan that works for you and your business.