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As a mum I have been through the weaning phase twice with both my boys, and it has been generally a positive experience.

The first time I was clueless and although I had done it before the second time, I didn’t remember all the things that I needed to, so I still looked up for advice.

As a photographer in Tooting, I do see mums and babies regularly for photo shoots and baby weaning comes up as a topic regularly.

So I thought I’d put together a little, “top tips” for baby weaning advice from experts that could be useful to the mums that come to see me.

When to start weaning?

We started at about 4 months and a half but I believe the current guidance from the NHS is 6 months while also maintaining the milk feeds.

How to start? 

Well a little bit at a time and really slowly. You want to introduce one food at a time and in very small quantities such as a spoon for the first time.

The food should be smooth, so pureed or mashed is perfect.

What to start with? 

The experts say to start with non-sweet and bland food such as porridge or rice. With our first baby we started with baby porridge but with our second we didn’t follow the advice to the letter and started with a banana which was a big hit!

Food allergies 

If there are factors in your family for food allergies it is better to check with the GP and health visitor about types of food to introduce before starting weaning.


At first not a lot of special equipment will be needed but further down the line, a blender or liquidiser will be useful to batch cook and freeze so that you always have a supply of baby food at your disposal.

I used to batch cook and then put in a cubes tray in the freezer for the very first weeks. After that any type of pots or jars will do and it’s so good to have something ready.

More advice 

Here are some of the resources that I came across while writing this post that I found very good.

Your baby’s first solid foods, NHS

How to wean your baby, Mothercare

Emma’s Diary baby weaning advice

Verywell.com, and their Pregnancy Week-by-Week Guide

Photos from a recent baby photo shoot in Tooting

The photos in this post are from a recent baby and family photo shoot in my home studio in Tooting Bec.

The session went really well and the little girl was adorable. Mum and dad were very relaxed and we worked through the session and the various photos pretty smoothly.

We had a little break for the little one to in fact have some food and re-energise.

How is your baby weaning going and are there any top tips you have come across that you’d like to share?

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