Why having photos of your baby is a great idea? Tooting photographer

Our lives are busy, we spend a lot of time at work, weekends taking children to different clubs and birthday parties, we have family and friends visiting and so on.

Time just flies by, something we say all too often.

Make time for something special!

Taking photographs of your baby is a great way to make time and to capture special moments in your life, moments that will create great memories to look back at.

Be in the photos together with your baby!

Hiring a professional photographer will guarantee that you, the mum and the dad will both be in the photographs together and that is invaluable. It is also┬ásomething that might not otherwise happen if one of you takes the photos or if you take a selfie with only bits of your eyes or face in the frame ­čÖé I have done that too.

Don’t get me wrong, selfies and photos taken with our phones are great, as they can be quick at capturing a moment and the quality of phone cameras is getting better all the time. However phone photographs cannot replace the work of someone who has trained professionally in photography and is available for a good amount of time, to capture photos of the baby and the family together.

Make the most of a trained professional’s skills

Another reason why taking photographs of your baby by a photographer is a great idea, has to do with the fact that the photographer has the skills and understanding of working with the camera and the light and trying different positions and places to create a great image.

Wear something that brings you joy!

Choose to wear something you love and enjoy that feeling of excitement and joy!┬áThe photographer will also be able to advise on clothing choices and how to coordinate everyone’s outfits.

Go somewhere special!

Why not try a different park for the photoshoot day? A place you love going but your don’t make the effort of going very often.

Or it could be that you have never been in a photography studio before so it could be a new experience. From the photoshoot experiences I have had, during a photoshoot you feel a bit like a celebrity or back to experiencing your wedding day again. A photoshoot is the same, it is all about you and your loved ones, you are the centre of the experience.

Bring something that is meaningful to you!

Choosing items that have a sentimental value will make the photographs even more special and helps relax and not be too self-focused.

A favourite scarf, a coat that you love wearing, a fluffy hat, a teddy, wellies to go jumping in the mud, a rainbow jumper they all make great accessories for really unique photographs.

Bring out the child in you!

Most parents are initially a little reluctant and worry about how they will look. But to get the best results it is better to let go and have fun. Most families after the photoshoot, say that they had a surprisingly pleasant and fun experience, something they didn’t initially envisage!

Having prints as well as digitals.

Enjoying the time spent with your family during the photoshoot will make the experience memorable. So will the prints, every time you see them, those memories will be back with you. That is why I encourage families to have prints as well as digital images from their photoshoot that they can display around their house. With my packages it is possible to get both and the prints can be enjoyed in the house or gifted as presents to family members.

After all the value of a photograph is holding it in your hands and seeing it with your eyes.

Booking your baby and family photoshoot?

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Family photoshoots are usually planned at the weekend and I do schedule in sessions for Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. However when you enquire please give me some information about your preferred day and time of the day and I will reply back with options.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch and I would be happy to answer.

Laura x