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When you are a new mum or second time new mum, where can you meet other mums in the Tooting, Balham, Clapham area?

I wanted to share some of the knowledge of places and baby groups where you can meet new mums in Tooting that I have gathered in the last 8 years since we moved in the area.

Moving in a new place is exciting but it also brings the challenge of making new friends, especially when you have a newborn or a baby who doesn’t yet go to nursery and so you don’t naturally meet other mums.

This was me when we first moved to Tooting  from Clapham, not that far away but we still had to build new links and connections.

My eldest was still going to Maytree Nursery, an excellent pre-school nursery in Clapham and our connections were still in Clapham. But I did look for information and found some very useful online resources and went to some playgroups where I started knowing more people locally.

My youngest then started going to Beechcroft Day Nursery, also an excellent nursery for babies and toddlers where we made many new friends.

So here is my list of online places (links are at the end of this post) and playgroups/classes where you can meet new mums in Tooting.


The place to go to online to connect with other mums, get the latest information about what’s happening in the area of “NappyValleyNet” which is a fairly wide geographical zone covering Clapham, Wandsworth, Tooting, Earlsfield, Southfields and Wimbledon. There are often calls for “new mums meet-up” which are great to go along to and meet with other mums and babies. I have made a group of friends through NappyValleyNet and have continued our friendship for 7 years now (met first when in Clapham and although most of us have moved since we meet regularly for dinner at each other’s houses).

Tooting Baby

A great Tooting centric online resource with actual details of playgroups happening each day of the week. Through Tooting Baby I found out about a regular (Tuesday and Friday mornings) play group that is very close to us at All Saints Church where we have been many times and have made friends. Tooting Baby also has a directory of clubs and classes, playgrounds, children centres and family friendly restaurants and cafes in the area.

Clapham Mums

Lots of information about things to do with babies in and around Clapham and it covers a wide geography too. You can also apply for a Clapham Mums card that has many discounts from local businesses.

NCT Clapham & District

They have lots of practical information and guidance during the pregnancy and for the new baby and they run a number of classes and social events in the area. They have a breastfeeding support drop-in in Balham on Mondays am, baby and yoga classes on Monday am, coffee morning on Tuesday am, a parents working part-time playgroup on Thursday am and a Bump and Baby chat on Thursday pm.

NCT Wimbledon & District 

They also run many events and classes on a regular basis. They have a Talks & Tots playgroup on Monday am, Breastfeeding Drop-in Thursday am, Wee Wombles playgroup Thursday pm, Play & Learn playgroup Friday pm,  Home Birth Support Group on the first Wednesday of the month in the evening.

Playgroups we have tried and loved

All Saints Playgroup on Friday

All Saints Church on Brudenell Road, is great, with a big room, lots of toys, an outside play area and singing, snacks for children and coffee/tea for parents. You can drop in on Tuesday and Friday morning from 9.30am and there is a small donation at the door for adults and babies.

St Nicholas Church Play Group at St Nicholas Church on Church Lane, has games, crafts, some religious elements with bible stories and homemade cake and teas/coffees, small donation at the door.  Starts from 9.30am and is popular so better to go early.

Agnes Riley Gardens, Family Stay and Play, at Agnes Riley Gardens in Clapham (near Clapham South tube) with a range of sessions for all families/childminders/carers with children from birth to 5 years old. This is run by Maytree Children Centre and it is best to enquire with them about visiting and booking a place.

Classes we have loved

Monkey Music is brilliant, great fun and a place to meet other parents, my eldest loved it. We used to go to the Abbeville branch but there are a few classes in Tooting at the Lido, Skylark Cafe, Balham Library etc.

Little Kickers football club, my eldest did their course for a year and it was great foundation to get him started with football.

South West Swimming School, both my boys have done swimming classes with them and they are very good, very well organised and there are plenty of opportunities to meet other parents from other areas/schools.

Funky Moves is a great class for learning to “make some moves”, they also teach in schools and we have had them as after-school club option at our school, Fircroft Primary.

These are some of the places and playgroups/classes we have done over the years where we have made local connections in Tooting. There is so much going on in terms of events and local happenings that the opportunities to meet with other parents (outside school and nurses) are many and varied.

Useful links 

NappyValleyNet https://nappyvalleynet.com

Tooting Baby http://tootingbaby.co.uk

Clapham Mums http://www.claphammums.com

NCT Clapham & District Branch https://www.nct.org.uk/branches/clapham

NCT Wimbledon & District Branch https://www.nct.org.uk/branches/wimbledon

Monkey Music https://www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Little Kickers http://www.lilkickers.com/index

South West Swimming School http://www.swswimschool.co.uk

Funky Moves http://www.funkymoves.com

I hope you found this little guide useful.

Although I don’t attend the playgroups any longer as my children are now both in school I am happy to share my experience.