This question is one that every pregnant mum will start asking as the time gets closer to having the baby. I certainly did and I packed my hospital bag for my first quite religiously. With my second it was done in a hurry and in the end used but later (as the baby arrived at home, unplanned but we still went to the hospital afterwards with the baby so used it :-)

This was at St Thomas’ Hospital as we were still living in Clapham and had not moved to Tooting yet. I know if we had been in Tooting, the journey would have been to St George’s Hospital.

So what do other mums say are the essentials to pack in the hospital bag?

  • Hospital forms and the birth plan (if you have one) and ID
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Warm socks – I loved the ones my doula brought me in hospital, best thing ever they were so soft and warm.
  • A comfy robe or sweater that might be needed during labour
  • Lip balm, drinks and snacks
  • Comfy pjs
  • Disposable underwear
  • Good moisturiser
  • Make-up bag
  • Headbands
  • Essential oils
  • Eye mask
  • Maternity brass (comfy ones) and nursing pads
  • Clothes for going home in – something to make you feel good on the way home with your baby

I do speak to mums who have just had their babies when I do newborn photography sessions as babies tend to be very young.

This little boy was only 9 days old and he was very little and squishy.

It is amazing how we as mums recover from birth and take in in our stride to have a baby and to start the most exciting chapter of our lives with them. It can also not be easy at all after birth, following a traumatic experience or if mum is experiencing any forms of emotional upheaval. There is help available and lots of networks for new mums to rely on and connect with (the NCT, local playgroups here are a few I wrote about in another post “Where to meet new mums in Tooting” ) and most importantly, if things are not wright the best thing to do is to talk about them to someone, they will help.

The early baby stages go too fast, far too fast and we as newborn photographers are there to help you capture them.

Don’t leave it too late :-)