Underwater photographs during our summer holidays on the southern coast of Albania, Tooting Photographer

Underwater children photographs, my first time !

One of the things I set out to do this summer was to take underwater photographs of my children during our summer holidays in the southern coast of Albania.

The Ionian Sea there is renowned for crystal blue waters from above and I wanted to see what it would look like, from underneath.

And I wanted to throw in my children to document all the amazing things they do while in this beautiful sea.

Diving, snorkelling, swimming underwater !

My children are now 8 and 5 and they have come a long way in terms of their ability to swim. Thanks to teaching classes they have been taking in London, over the years but also thanks to the summer holidays where they get to spend time in the sea every summer.

We have been taking the boys to Albania to spend time with my parents, see family and friends every summer since they were babies.

The first times they went in the sea they were 3 months old! So they have got used to it all. They have also been used to going in the English sea, in Devon at their other grandparents place and in Wales when we have been visiting or camping.

Now they spend the days by the sea, diving in from rocks, or diving boards. They are fearless, and just go for it, throwing themselves in without any fear.

Snorkelling has been a recent addition since last year, when our youngest Elliot, started swimming with arm bands on and with a snorkel and goggles on. We have videos of him setting off behind me and we both swim and snorkel and look at the rocks, the fish and the algae. Edward our eldest, has taken less to snorkelling and he goes too deep which means the water goes into the tube.

Swimming underwater is something Edward is more keen to do, where he loves to swim deeper and then come up again for a breath of air.

GoPro Hero was the first waterproof camera I used and it is great!

Being a novice in underwater children photography I wanted to trial first with a non-expensive camera to see if I liked it. I asked for advice in my favourite photography forum, which is run by outdoor children photographer Nina Mace who I have done mentoring with.

I was given lots of pointers and links to other photographers who do beautiful underwater children photography (listed below). I looked them up and I contacted a few over on Instagram (the power of social media and of being able to get in touch with people very quickly). I took the advice given by Tessie Wallace, a West Virginia, USA, photographer who is also dubbed as “The Queen of Underwater Photography”. She said she had started with “a borrowed GoPro” and later bought marine bag for her canon 5dMiii camera. I loved the idea of using a “borrowed” camera and although I didn’t borrow mine, I bought it off eBay for £40, a reconditioned GoPro Hero, an old model which also doesn’t have a screen at the back. So it is not possible to see the images I am taking which I also loved as I would wait until going back home and looking at them on the computer. A bit of a dark art of underwater photography.

A few other resources I found were, Chubby Cheek Photography who has guides for children underwater photography.

And another facebook group focused on the same, Camera Splash! 

I absolutely loved taking my first underwater photographs, spending time with my head under the water is just so peaceful and I feel part of a magical world.

Family photography is the core of my business, perhaps family underwater photography could be a new addition?

Family photography is what I do and I have been doing if for the past 2 years. I love photographing families outdoors, in the studio or in their home, as you can see in my “Family photography”portfolio.

However since trialing underwater children photography, I am very taken by it and I would love to offer “Family photography sessions” underwater. Is that too crazy? Would anyone be up for it?

Well if you do, I would love to hear from you. You can reach me either through the contact form or by emailing photography@shimilimears.com

Thank you

Laura x