Two book launches in Islington, London photographer

I love the summer as it is full of events and special gatherings.

Compared to the rest of the year it is the most likely season for book launches, summer parties, graduations and other special events.

This was a very special event where friends and family were invited for the occasion of two books coming out.

One by Elizabeth Gowing, Unlikely Positions (in Unlikely Places): A Yoga Journey around Britain in which she shares her journey following yoga around Britain.

The other by Robert Wilton, Death and the Dreadnought , a historical thriller set in before the First World War.

Elizabeth and Robert live between England and Tirana (Albania) and Pristina (Kosovo), they have published other books and have co-founded the Ideas Partnership NGO which works with the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in Kosovo.

I first met Elizabeth 4 years ago, after reading one of her other books which I thoroughly enjoyed, The Rubbish-Picker’s Wife: An Unlikely Friendship in Kosovo .

And I have also had a few coaching sessions with Robert, which is something else he does in a addition to his many other jobs.

So it was a pleasure when Elizabeth asked me if I could take photographs at the event for them.

It was also a good opportunity to go into Angel, Islington and at a pub which had a very “quirky” and “well lit” room upstairs.

Below are some of the images from the night.

Planning your own event?

Whether you are planning your own event or you are organising one on behalf of someone else, it is a great idea to have a photographer taking pictures for a number of reasons.

  • It will take away the pressure of needing to be constantly alert to take pictures yourself.
  • You won’t need to constantly ask friends, “did you take many pictures”? Of course friends will and it will be great to have them as well.
  • The photographer will be able to advise on some practical arrangements, with regards to the room layout, where to stand, the light etc that will make the images look better.
  • The photographer will take care of the lighting situation and complement it if needed.

I do enjoy taking part in events and I am available for such occasions, to celebrate book publications, talks and different performances.

To have a chat do contact me directly, at photography@shimilimears.com or call 07934788100.