Need a professional headshot? Here is why it matters

If you are a business owner I am sure that personal presentation and presentation of your staff to your potential customers, is of high importance. You want people to engage with you and with your staff, you want them to trust you so that next time they are looking for the type of service or product you provide, they choose you (and not your competitors).

We hear it all so often that excellent personal branding is part of excellent business branding. One of the most important parts of that is your own personal image and the image of your staff.

That is why having a professional headshot for your business, matters. Using your phone to take a portrait photo is not good enough, or at least will not give you the professional and consistent look across the team that will present your brand in the best light possible. Don’t get me wrong using your phone for photos does work for other purposes, such as posting regularly on your social media channels and engaging with your customers.

Here are some reasons why a professional headshot for your business, matters:

  • It introduces you and your staff to potential customers in a professional way
  • A professional headshot can be used on your business website, making it more personal, friendly and memorable
  • Professional images can be used in other marketing and branding collaterals
  • They can be used on social media channels and be associated with you and your brand
  • A professional headshot makes your website look up-to-date and real (with real people behind it)
  • Having professional headshots of your staff will present them in a consistent way, aligned with your branding and business values

If you want to sell a professional service, a product or a solution it is generally a great idea to start by showing your own example and being professional.

How often do you need to update your professional headshot for your business?

This will be a matter of personal choice and preference but generally, headshots will last well for about two years.

We all change, your staff changes and generally trends change too. Updating your business headshots is a great opportunity to refresh the look of the company following internal changes or a period of growth, or incorporating a new style and for example going for a different look, colour background or asking your photographer for a different type of lighting (more dramatic, or with colour elements, etc).

I had the pleasure to take individual professional headshots of this lovely team, part of a specialist recruitment agency based in Balham, South West London Dingo Recruitment.

We were looking for some new professional photos for our website. Laura was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional and a joy to work with. The shoot was done over the weekend which suited our busy schedule. She made us feel comfortable and the whole process felt very natural. We were really thrilled with the photos she produced and were given a great choice to choose from. I’d definitely recommend Laura if you are looking for professional headshots for your website or other social media platforms.

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If you liked these photos and you would like to book a professional headshot for yourself or your staff please fill in the booking form below or email me at photography@shimilimears.com

Headshot sessions are done in a relaxed and professional way, making sure you look and you feel your best.

In my home studio or on location

For professional headshots I am available to come to your location, in an office or in a co-working space. I have done team shoots before and am confident with the process and can guarantee excellent results, for individual images as well as group photos. I can bring various backdrops and lights on location and create a studio set-up in your office. When planning a session for a team, it is advisable that a slot is booked in everyone’s diaries to make sure all members of the team have their new headshots done on the day (I offer plans for members of staff that are absent on the day for the headshots to be done either in my home studio or in your office at another date).

Another option is to do the headshots in my home studio based in Tooting Bec. There I have all the necessary equipment to produce beautiful images that will last and represent you in the most professional way. The space is wide and bright and I offer refreshments.

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