Portraits for social media, what is your service and how are you showing up?

Social media is everywhere as we all know it. We know of businesses that are thriving on Instagram, businesses that grow through Facebook and also people that have 1000s of connections on Linkedin.

I do make use of social media myself to grow my business, make new connections and chat with others.

After all that is the primary role of social media in my view, to connect with people and to chat.

Through instagram and facebook I have made many connections and new friends and I have helped creative entrepreneurs in their business journey.

Millions of photographs are uploaded daily

All social media platforms are hungry for images and the imagery used is in the order of millions a day. In fact 100 million images are uploaded on IG daily. Looking at some more facts about Instagram use, about 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product they saw on it.

The rationale is there, people use social media platforms, they connect with brands and they purchase from it.

However the millions of posts, stories, ads etc create a noise that can be overwhelming and the struggle sometimes can be to build the trust and be visible in your own industry.

How trustworthy are you on social media?

First showing yourself on social media is great as people want to see you. In fact in most posts those that generate more interest are often the photos of us, our own personal profiles.

Secondly whether you are selling products, services or are looking for opportunities, your image on social media will be a first impression and it’s key to make a good one!

What happens after Google?

Well someone looking for your services will probably start by looking for you on google. The second step is often to look into the social platforms and the more relevant content you share there, the more the interested person is likely to complete their search and make an enquiry.

Portraits for social media, how does it work?

Creating a bank of images that can be used across the social media channels, is easy. I am all about creating work that will be relevant, that tells the story of you and of what you offer and that will generate interest and enquiries for your business.

Are you ready to make a jump and give your visibility a great boost?

Working with me to plan content for your social media platforms can be done in a simple way.

The starting package is £500 and includes the session, a telephone conversation beforehand about the location, styles and outfits, a gallery to choose from and 5-10 final edited images.

No hidden prices, no surprises, only genuine passion, a desire to work together to get to the essence of what you do and fantastic images that shout your message out to the world.

How are you showing up?

When was the last time you had your headshot for Linkedin updated? Have you started offering a new service, how are you showing it to the world? Are you selling products online, they need a photographic identity to be listed and sold online,

Whether you are selling your services, your products or looking for new opportunities, photography is your friend and it will help you generate more business.

Hiring a professional photographer is a great investment in your brand, your imagery and a great way to show up and tell the world about what you do.

Make-up artist who works wonders & gives you a new-self!

I have worked with Rina a great make-up artist, who really does magical work on people and gives you a new-self, which you didn’t even know you had.

I have taken photographs of Rina in different locations in London, images that she uses for her instagram to show up and tell everyone about the beautiful work she does.

Why don’t you check her out for yourself and perhaps get in touch with her for a make-up session? Her Instagram account is @RINAMUA_

We have been doing “Makeover and Photoshoot” sessions together and are currently planning one for the end of January. Get in touch if you’d like to reserve a slot at our next “Makeover and Photoshoot” experience.

Have a read at Anna’s testimonial from a previous session “Makeover and Photoshoot experience” she attended. Anna Jezuita is a mindfulness teacher and attending the “Makeover and photoshoot session” with Rina and myself was a revelation.

If you’re looking for a headshot update head this way!

If you need to update your current headshot profile search no longer, I have a page that explains how I do headshots, in my home studio in Tooting Bec, or at a studio in Balham our in your location. Take a look and let me know if you have found what you’ve been looking for, “Headshots and Businesses”.

Photos for your social media and content creation