Lavender Family Photoshoot

How to get ready for the Shoot in no time

Lavender Family Photoshoot, Mayfield Lavender Farm

Lavender Family Photoshoots, Mayfield Lavender Farm

Lavender Family Sessions explained


I am so excited about the lavender season approaching this year.

I will be doing Lavender Family Photoshoots from 19th July to 22nd July.

The location is the beautiful Mayfield Lavender Farm in Banstead, a 30 minutes drive from Wandsworth.

My super useful Info Pack has everything to get ready for Lavender Family Shoots.

Lavender Family Photoshoots, are bespoke at a date and time tailored specifically to your family.

The collections, how to confirm a booking & what happens on the day and after the photoshoot, it is all in the info pack.

Book Lavender Family Photoshoot

If you are looking to reserve a date and time for a Lavender Family Photoshoot, you can do so directly by reserving a time slot in the calendar, click below.

Follow the instructions in the calendar, to make the payment of the £150 session fee to confirm the reservation.

I will follow up with an email confirmation and a questionnaire to find out more about your family, day and time that best works for you.

My inspirational Style Guide will also find its way to your inbox to make it all super easy for you to get ready.

There is nothing like the present moment

Celebrate LOVE and your family as you are now, in the present moment.

Get in touch now to reserve a date and time for Lavender Family Photoshoots.

Mayfield Lavender Farm is a beautiful location and only 30 minutes away from Tooting.

I meet families directly on the farm and I advise to book in a time that is outside the busy times. So ideally it is best between 10am-12pm and after 5pm on the weekend. In the week it is less busy so daytime slots work well.

Laura was so accomodating of our needs and really took the time out! Fantastic photos :)

Samiha, Local Mum, Balham

Laura is a great photographer, her pictures are full of emotion and she is very helpful to find poses for people who are not doing it spontaneously. We had a family session in a park rather than in her studio following her suggestion, and that was a wonderful experience. Laura was also very flexible on adapting the services packages offered on her website, that was very helpful for tighter budgets. I can only recommend !! 

Michele Farruggio

We had a fantastic time with Laura taking photos of our family outdoors. She had researched the shoot well and has some great ideas.

Harsha Shetty

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