How to Create a Great Linkedin Profile

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8 Tips With Laura Taylor, Linkedin Expert and Trainer

Laura is a LinkedIn trainer based in Liverpool. She has been using LinkedIn every day for over three years and now manages LinkedIn accounts globally for her clients. LinkedIn has evolved so much over the past 3 years and her exposure to so many international accounts helps her to keep up with the latest trends.

She trains organizations on how to make the most out of using LinkedIn following simple bespoke strategies. Her clients have generated leads, increased their income, built their brands, and been invited to speak at events at global organisations. 

I took the opportunity to ask Laura some questions on how to create a great LinkedIn profile. 

1. What are some common mistakes you’ve seen on LinkedIn profiles that people should avoid?

Writing your profile in the 3rd person, having an incomplete profile or not having your profile picture set on ‘public’ view.

I definitely avoid grayed out profile pictures if people want to connect with me!

2. LinkedIn headlines are one of the first things people see when they visit a profile. What tips can you offer on how to create a great linkedin profile?

The first 40 characters are the most important so make them count. Say what you do in those characters as that follows you around when you’re engaging on LinkedIn.

3. How important is the profile photo on LinkedIn? What are some best practices for choosing and uploading a professional profile picture?

Having an up to date profile picture is crucial as it builds trust with your audience, you need to look like you. Don’t include the dog, your family or the team and make sure your face is seen and that it’s not you halfway up a mountain, or in your wedding dress (unless you work in the bridal industry!) Make sure it’s current.  

Professional headshots make a big difference in how your profile is seen and perceived and working with the best headshots photographers in London can help achieve that goal. 

Profile photos receive more views as confirmed by LinkedIn Help:

“Profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos.”

Make sure to consult LinkedIn specifications in terms of specifications for the right size photos etc.

4. Recommendations and endorsements can add credibility to a LinkedIn profile. What strategies can individuals use to receive meaningful recommendations and endorsements from their connections?

Decent recommendations are hard to obtain on LinkedIn as people often don’t know what to write and they end up saying something vanilla like ‘she’s professional and a good team player’ which doesn’t really say very much. Give out recommendations and spread some love on LinkedIn, it will always brighten someone’s day to receive one. 

I find the endorsements to be a waste of time, most of mine are from people I’ve never met as they come to my profile and endorse me, not quite what I would like, but if you’re looking for a job then they are useful as often the job description will want you to have certain endorsed skills to apply for the role.

5. LinkedIn allows for customization of profile URLs. What benefits can this offer, and how can users create a personalized LinkedIn URL?

Having a personalized URL looks much more professional than the generic LinkedIn one you are given when you create your account. You can easily remove the digits on yours and create a custom made one through the ‘Public profile & URL’ button on your profile on desktop. This will significantly improve your LinkedIn profile. 

6. LinkedIn offers the option to include media and links in the profile. How can individuals use this feature to showcase their work, such as articles, projects, or portfolios?

Using the featured bar can showcase articles, services or media coverage – or you can even feature well performing posts here too. Having your website and lead magnet links on your profile work really well as it gives your credibility and adds the trust factor for potential clients.

7. Networking is a crucial aspect of LinkedIn. What advice can you provide for connecting with industry professionals and building a strong network on the platform?

Treating LinkedIn as if it were an actual networking event is one of my top tips!

8. Can you share a success story or an example of a LinkedIn profile transformation that led to significant career opportunities or business growth?

Last year I mentored a brilliant OBM (Online Business Manager) that wanted to move into the world of Project Management. After a profile revamp and armed with a bespoke strategy she went on to land a COO role. All through the magic of LinkedIn. She called me to celebrate her job offer and said ‘oh my god it works’. Yes it really does work when you optimize and focus your time in the right places on LinkedIn. 

Thank you so much Laur for your top tips on How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile. 

Laura Taylor, Linkedin Expert and Trainer 

If you want to find out more about Laura, she can be found on LinkedIn and on her website the Social Flow Collective. 

Laura Taylor is on LinkedIn.

Laura Taylor’s website – The Social Flow Collective.

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