Today I have another guest post about the holistic approach to cleansing your skin, by skincare guru Anxhela Panxhi. She has already done a guest post for me here and this is the second in the series. Photography and skin do go together, as we need to feel good about our skin before we engage in any form of photographic appearance, right?

Over to Anxhela now.

Holistic approach to Cleansing your Skin & some practical advice

Whenever there is a talk of skincare, immediately people imagine their skin issues being solved in the fastest way possible. Well i can understand that the urge of solving it comes from the discomfort that  a certain skin issue can cause to the self-mage and at times to the self-esteem.

This has made an industry of complex chemicals treat our skin only at surface level, not considering the interconnected whole body aspects which have a domino effect on skin issues itself. Yep, one might ask, why do i need to know this?

Absolutely right. The whole skin care needs your collaboration, and what does work for someone doesn’t work for another.

The good news is the whole skincare world is taking a new approach. The HOLISTIC one, the one that takes in consideration the whole body, even the mind and soul. Most of all it engages your awareness into reading your own skin. Having a gentle relationship with your skin. This takes you to start evaluating other parts of the body, and implying your constant attention.

What do you use for your beauty regime? Do you find yourself having a battle with that pimple or wrinkle?

What if you put your harsh weapons down? Most cleansers for oily skin type and subcategories of it such as acne prone skin, contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acid, and glycolic acid, or salicylic acid), which are most of the time synthetically derived, and at high amounts.

What they do is strip all the oil from your skin, and yes eradicating all that unwanted oil from your face but also letting it dry and giving to your oil glands the message to produce more of it. In the longer run making your skin thinner, and more prone to sun damage. Well these compounds can also be found in natural products as active ingredient, yes very true, but always at much smaller quantites.

… Ok but what is the alternative?

If you have oily skin, lather up in clay (green clay, bentonite clay) for just 2 minutes daily. In the longer run it will leave your skin detoxified and balanced.

If you have normal to dry skin, you must avoid all foaming cleansers, and instead use a hydrosol as tonic once per day or a vegetarian milk such as almond milk, and once in 2 or 3 days washing with mild clays like kaolin clay, rhassoul clay.

If you have sensitive  skin, kaolin clay is best and vegetarian milks.

Matured and sun damaged skin is best to use moroccan red clay, combined with goats milk.

For combination skin i suggest all the above in harmony with each other.

Don’t forget to touch your skin with reverence, like you would touch your loved one. This would lower your level of cortisol that is a huge intruder to your skin health.

Use a moisturiser after cleansing your skin. Cleansing doesn’t substitute the hydration and protection of the skin.

Also what beauty food do you eat to support your skin health?  Does it imply your mindful integration to your diet?

Final words

Be present to your skin. It will love you back 🙂

How can you find out more about Anxhela?

Anxhela Panxhi, Holistic Beauty Crafter, Holistic Esthetician


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