Headshots for Charity events

In the last couple of years I have been supporting a number of charities by raising funds through fundraising photography events.

The latest event I organised was in December 2020 and together with the people that particiapted we raised £460 for Cup of Uji, Kenya.

Before that during the first lockdown in May – June 2020, I raised £2000 for St George’s Hospital Charity by taking Doorstep Photographs for families in Tooting. 

The first of such events was back in February 2019 when I did my first photography party.  I offered Photography Portraits in exchange for a donation to charity. That was to support Cup of Uji, Kenya and SOS Children Villages.

Following that first event, I did more fundraising events raising a total of £956 in 2019, to support, Cup of Uji, Kenya, SOS Chidren Villages and Samara’s Aid Appeal.

My “Headshots for Charity” events are also a great way for everyone to be able to access professional photography on a budget.

Headshots for Charity events for companies

I am happy to organise such events for companies and businesses as part of the Social Corporate Responsibility activities. Get in touch if you’d like to organise one.

Galleries from previous Headshots for Charity events

Doorstep Photographs for St George’s Hospital Charity 

In May 2020 I raised £2000 for St George’s Hospital Charity through Doorstep Photographs of families in the local area.

Headshots for Charity December 2020


In December 2020 through another headshots for Charity I raised £460 for Cup of Uji. 


Headshots for Charity September 2019


For this event Robbies Photographic Studio in Balham made his studio avaialable to us for free.

Together we raised raised £115 in support of “Cup of Uji”.

The Super Woman Pole Dance school December 2019

This was a different type of event where i offered to photograph a special Christmas Celebration of a Dance School and raise funds.  

Together we raised raised £145 in support of “Cup of Uji”.


The first Headshots for Charity event February 2019


This took place at the Wheaetsheaf pub, in Tooting Bec. Many local families and individuals came along for a portrait, a headshot and a chat.

Together we raised  £400 in support of “A Cup of Uji” and “Samara’s Aid Appeal”

The Headshots for Charity event June 2019


This also took place at the Wheaetsheaf pub, in Tooting Bec with local families and individuals coming along for a portrait or a headshot.

Together we raised  £305 in support of “SOS Children Villages UK”.


The four charities I have supported over the last couple of years are below.

Help Them Grow

I am involved in this initiative together with 4 other Albanian mums in London. We collect second hand toys and we send them to Albanian state nurseries. To support this cause, I ask families if they would like to donate their old toys after a spring clear out.

SOS Children Villages

This a great charity who supports children who are alone or without support by offering them a home. We have a sponsor child in a SOS Children Village in Tirana, Albania and I love what they do and I have fundraised for them on a number of occasions.

A Cup of Uji

A great initiative started by Francis Amonde, it is a feeding programme for children in poverty in Kenya working to keep children in school and fed with a daily cup of porridge. I met Francis Amonde, who runs the programme via Instagram and I have supported his efforts through a few fundraising events.

Samara’s Aid Appeal

Is run by Samara who I have met during a talk in Balham at the height of the Syrian crisis. I was touched by her mission and her spirit of hope and fighting to help others.

Read more about each charity, below.

Help Them Grow

This is an iniative I am directly involved in with 5 other Albanian Mums in London. We regulary collect second hand toys and books that we send to Albanian state nurseries. If you are having a clear out, let me know, I can come and collect the toys from you. This is “Help Them Grow”‘s facebook page to find out more and see the pictures of what we do. 

A Cup of Uji

I have discovered Francis Otienon Amonde, online and I have supoorted the work he does through my events. His initiative “A Cup of Uji” feeds underprivileged children in Kenya with a daily cup of porridge that keeps them in school. I have raised £320 for the Cup of Uji so far. To find out more about what he does and how to support him, this is the “Cup of Uji” facebook page.

SOS Children Villages

This is a charity that is very close to my heart and one that we support, as a family by sponsoring a child in an SOS Village in Albania. I have also fundraised for them, raising £305 at my last “Headshtos for Charity” event.
The charity offers a home to children who are on their own and vulnerable, giving them love, support and better opportunities in life. To find out more visit their website “SOS Children Villages Uk”

Samara’s Aid Appeal

Started by Samara a mum from Brighton in 2014, Samara’s Aid Appeal, helps displaced people in Syria with clothes and emergency health support. I have raised £150 for Samara’s Aid Appeal at my “Headshots for charity” event in February. I have also taken part in a number of clothes collections for them. To find out more abotu their work and how you can suport them, visit their website, Samara’s Aid Appeal. 

The importance of giving!

”We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

I look forward to meeting you soon.