Everything you wanted to know about a headshot but were afraid to ask

Series 1 – What makes great headshot?


What makes a headshot great?

I have photographed over 100 individuals, entrepreneurs, employees, founders and CEO’s and I have learnt from some of the best photographers in the UK today. These basic rules hold true:

1.           A great headshot looks like you today

When looking you up, people should be able to recognize you when they find your profile on Linkedin, on your company’s website or on your own website. Keeping your headshot current will also mean it looks more like you NOW, rather than you 10 years ago. You want your headshot to look like you on your very best days, when you look in the mirror and you think “I LOOK GREAT” !!!

2.          A great headshot conveys something that is only about you

In other words it shows what is unique about you, your colour choice in what you’ve decided to wear, the way you present yourself, the way you smile. Your uniqueness makes you, you and that should come across in your headshot. The twinkle in the eyes, a measured smile or a full, exploding personality, a deep thinking ability or practical mind, all elements that everyone can see and feel, even before meeting you.

Showing off our uniqueness is guaranteed to set us apart from the crowds of similarities and sameness.

3.          A great headshot is about you, not your photographer

Ahem… as a professional photographer I say that and I totally stand by it. My style shouldn’t matter, as I will be delivering images that are all about you and how you want me to portray you and your brand.

If the photographers’ galleries and style all portray the same type of headshot, same angles, same lighting, same background, continue looking.

You want someone who can express who you are, your values and your vision. Since this is something you are going to pay for with your own money, you better make sure it is right for you!

If you want a great headshot, I’m ready to help you share your beautiful self with the world (just drop me a line).

4.          A great headshot shows your authentic you

If you are tempted to hide behind retouching, sorry to say that is not the solution. It is much better to embrace who you are and your authenticity.

Of course I will do some basic editing to fix a blemish, a stray hair, a wrinkle in your shirt, or slight signs of tiredness. But I encourage you to keep it real. That is the best you!

Everything you wanted to know about a headshot but were afraid to ask

Series 2 – How to prepare for a Headshot?

My top 6 tips:

  1. Consult your photographer
  2. Make your best face available – a few days before by making any changes you want to have visible in the photographs, trim your hair or grow your hair? Beauty treatments, hair so that on the day everything looks smooth and ready.
  3. 72 hours before – make sure you drink plenty of water, eat healthy and exercise
  4. 24 hours before – make sure you have a great night sleep.
  5. About the make-up – have it ready if you want it. If you’re a man, better to skip it, it will be hard to blend the makeup due to more facial hair. If you want me arrange for a make-up artist, I can do that just let me know in advance.
  6. Practice in front of the mirror, it may feel silly but it will go a long way. Make sure you are clear about what you want your headshot to convey about you? Strong, friendly, trustworthy, open, confident, humorous, intelligent? We’ll play around at your session with a variety of poses and expressions but it really helps to have an idea and do a little practice beforehand.

Series 3 – what to wear for your headshot coming up soon.