Your questions about personal branding photography

FAQs about Personal Branding Photography continued from the previous page.

Below are some other questions I get asked often about this type of photography. If there is anything I haven’t covered do let me know and I can answer and add it to the list.

What do commercial and editorial rights mean? How can I use the photos?

Your personal brand photographer will be able to advise but generally speaking once you have paid for the images, you can use them for marketing purposes in line with what you have discussed with your photographer before the booking.

When you work with me, the rights to use the photos are granted to you as the user via our agreement. 

What you cannot do is sell the photos to others or use them for commercial benefit without the copyright’s holder’s permission, i.e the photographer. 

How long do you need to finalise my selection of photos?

When you work with me as a personal branding photographer I will explaing everything at the consultation stage. I deliver the final photos that you have selected with the final edits, a week after you have made your choices.

After the photoshoot, we will jump on a zoom call to look through the gallery for you to view and select the photos you want to have from the photoshoot.

From that moment it is a week until I deliver the final photos to you.

How far in advance should I book?

When deciding to work with the some of the best personal brand photographers in London it is advisable to book early to secure your preferred date and time. 

When working with me allow for 3-4 weeks in advance to make sure I am able to offer the dates of your choice. 

I also offer more than one photoshoot and if you are booking for one of those, it is good to have an idea of when in the year you want to have the photoshoots. So it is good to have an indicative date and then we confirm closer to the time. 

How can I make the most of our shoot?

Being prepared and having a good plan in place is the best way to make the most of the photoshoot. This means having a list of shoots, styles, looks and elements you want to cover listed in a photoshoot session plan.

I can help you put together the photoshoot session plan to track everything we will need for the day including your brand guidelines, tone of voice, colours and general feel.

Do I have a choice of what images I can get and if I want to purchase more?

Of course you have a choice and you can select the photos during the zoom viewing consultation.

You can purchase more additional images. They are £50 per image and I also have collections with more images that bring the price per image down when you purchase the collections with more images.  

Do you edit the photos?

I edit the final images that you select and I prepare them for the website, social media and other purposes.

You will receive the high and low resolution images and black & white copies are also available.

How do I book and pay?

You can book by sending an enquiry and I will send an invoice with the details for the payment.

£350 prepayment is due in advance to secure the date and time that is convenient for you. Following that I will confirm the make-up artist, book the studio or the location of choice and send the confirmation emails.

You can pay by bank transfer or by card.

For the final payment and for the bigger collections generally I offer split payments (no interest) to make it easier to budget.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more about my personal branding photography by looking at my Personal Branding Photography page and read what is in there and these FAQs.

Personal Branding Photography is a popular genre of photography for many photographers and you can look at what others offer to see what works best for you. Just simply click on google Personal Branding Photographer near me.

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