Doorstep photographs in Tooting Bec

Since the start of the lockdown I have had to take a break form working with clients, of course not by choice. Having my own children at home has meant that looking after them and being with them has become my priority and the way I spend most of my time.

Free Photography tips and inspiration Facebook group

In the first few weeks of the lockdown, I started a “Photography Inspiration” group with daily challenges just to keep active, take photographs in the house and share challenges and inspiration with others.

Doorstep photographs in Tooting in May 2020

Later on in the lockdown, I started a new exciting project. I wanted to make my skills and experience available and embarked on taking “Doorstep Photographs” in my local area to raise money for our local hospital, St George’s Hospital Charity. The fundraiser reached £1800 so far and it was beyond the first three targets I set, initially at £500, then raised it to £750 and last to £1000 mark which was exceeded.

The cycling photographer

Observing government advice of social distancing and keeping 2 metres away at least, I have been going out on my bike on the way to our daily exercise and have taken these portraits of families on their doorstep.

Doing this project has meant a lot to me. I feel active and that I can keep doing photography but also bringing joy and memories of this unusual time to families that are staying at home. All this while also raising funds for an amazing institution which has been important in the lives of so many local people and families. St George’s is where most of my newborn clients have had their babies. And we all have been there at least once for ourselves or our children.

The response has been amazing and so many people have got in touch to be part of the project. I have photographed families with young children, active toddlers, twin babies, teenagers and children wanting to show the photos to their grandparents in another country.

I run this project throughout May and have many plans and ideas for holding an online exhibition of the photographs as well as a physical exhibition in due course.

It will be such a strange time to look back at when everything just stopped but also a time of strength and community spirit where we all made sacrifices to protect others. Looking back at the photographs will be a way to remember all that we went through during the Covid 19 lockdown.

Throughout June I will be carrying on with Doorstep Photographs and will be asking for £50 with £10 going to St George’s Hospital in my area of Tooting Bec. For further afield I will have to take into account travel time.

Would you like to take part?

If you’d like to take part in the project, please email me at photography@shimilimears.com, call / text 07934788100 and I will reply back or fill the contact form below.

Here is the link to the current project, please feel free to share with friends and family.

Doorstep Photographs in Tooting

I have also been doing newborn doorstep photographs

To tell you more about it I have written a blog about these sessions, please read here.

Newborn and family doorstep photographs, Tooting, South West London

Laura x

Featured in the press

This project has captured the attention of the press and a number of local news outlets. On the occasion I was asked to do an interview for one of the Albanian’s national TV channels, Top Channel. It is in Albanian but you can get the gist of it. It also recounts my story of moving to London with my British husband whom I met in Albania, Tirana.

An interview for the Albanian National TV, Top Chanel “Diaspora” programme

Laura Shimili Mears Photography & her Doorstep Photographs in London

I have also done an interview with the South West Londoner.

SW London Stays Home doorstep photography project raises money for St George’s Hospital

And a first time, a radio interview for Wandsworth’s Riverside Radio.

Interview with Laura Shimili Mears raising funds for St George’s Hospital Charity

These have been great experiences that I am very thankful for, spreading the word about the project.