Content Creation Workshop with headshot photoshoot and content creation workshop for entrepreneurs and small businesses

Content Creation: Headshot Photoshoot plus Content Creation Workshop

I organised the first “Content Creation: headshot photoshoot plus content creation workshop” in January 2024!

As it was a success and a great solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to up their content game, I am organizing it again!

The next Content Creation: photoshoot plus content creation workshop is on 21st February 2024 in my photo studio in Tooting Bec. 

The studio is very easily accessible: 7 minutes walk from Tooting Bec tube station, which is on the Northern Line (30 minutes from London Bridge / Waterloo). 

The Content Creation Workshop is in 2 parts

1. The Headshot photoshoot is the first part of the workshop. There will be a lunch break, with light lunch provided.

Photoshoots are 20 minutes long and there will be opportunities to collaborate with others as well for your mini photoshoot. 

2. The workshop is part two where I will guide you through Content Creation, why it matters, how to think about it, how to make sure it is relevant to your audience and various tools you can use to create content for your marketing and your business. 

Who is the Content Creation Workshop ideal for?

Small businesses & entrepreneurs and in particular for business owners who can answer yes to the following questions: 

Do you use your website as a marketing tool? By that I mean using it as your own platform to share valuable content with your audience?  

Do you use social media as an extension of your website and content creation process?

You want to create content in an efficient and holistic way that looks at the content you create overall and how it links with your marketing and business strategy

If the answer to these is yes, this workshop is ideal because it will give you:

  1. Assets: photography 
  2. Ideas: content creation ideas 
  3. Tools: content creation tools to create a simple but powerful plan for your content strategy. 

Part 1

1. Headshot Photoshoot

Mini headshot photoshoots are part of the workshop. This is when we create the photography assets for you and your brand. The photoshoots last 20 minutes and you can choose to focus on headshots or portraits. 

2. Collaboration opportunities 

With other businesses and entrepreneurs being present, there are opportunities to collaborate with others for your photoshoot. 

I aim to create an environment for a natural photoshoot even if it is a business photoshoot. 

Although these are shorter than a personal photoshoot, the results are great and for a fraction of the price. 

While photoshoot prices for headshots are £200 (30 minutes in the studio) & £300 (one hour), these are only £75 and include the workshop ticket as well. 

3. Lunch and drinks 

Light lunch and drinks will be provided. 

Part 2

Let’s dive a little bit more into the workshop.  

4. Why is content important for businesses and entrepreneurs? 

Why should you think about content? 

  1. Content creation for businesses and entrepreneurs is part of your marketing strategy.
  2. It is about creating and sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content with your audience. 
  3. This content can take various forms: blog posts, social media updates, videos, podcasts, and more. 
  4. As a strategy, content creation enables you as an entrepreneur to establish your brand presence, showcase your expertise, and connect with potential customers on a deeper level. 
  5. Sharing your insights, lessons learnt, personal journey, industry tips and bitesize information connects you to your audience and makes them feel that they know you as the expert in your field but also on a personal level.
  6. It contributes to your business growth, lead generation and client relations.

5. How to think about your Content Creation? 

We cover this in detail in the workshop but to give you some pointers, it is important to think about your content as a bank of content that is built around some key principles: of providing value, consistency and remaining authentic. 

6. SEO and content writing 

Integrating keywords and thinking in terms of SEO for content writing is important and something to plan from the start. 

Before you start, do some research about keywords people use to search for the type of services you provide and what are search volumes for these keywords. Once you have identified relevant keywords that also have search volume, incorporate them in your content. This can be on your website copy and pages, on blogs and other pieces of content, such as social media etc. 

This will help improve your online visibility and organic traffic.

We cover which SEO tools to use for SEO content writing in the workshop such as: Google Keyword Planner and Semrush.  

7. Your social media content plan

Use a calendar template to map out the key social media content dates plus the key important dates for your business. 

8. Use Content Prompts 

Integrate content prompts in your content plan that you can use to plan and schedule your content in advance. Some examples are: share your why, share who you help, debunking myths in your industry, client testimonials etc. 

Hope this was useful!

This was an overview and a blog that talks more about what a Content Creation workshop is and how it works. 

To book your place in the coming Content Creation: Headshot Photoshoot plus Content Creation Workshop on 21st February, you can do so via the link below. 

I look forward to seeing you there.