Stock Photography, London


Stock Photography in London

The needs of businesses are different depending on the different stages they are at.

Being able to use the portrait photography skills as well as working with products, I can combine both to produce a unique bank of image for a business.

The bank of images can include staff, products and services as well as shoots on location to demonstrate what you do.

The best time to create stock imagery for your business is either when you launch and you need a bank of visual assets for your communications. Or when you rebrand and you want to change and refresh your visual assets.

I work in collaboration with a brand specialist, Brigitte Halliday, from Indelible Creative who has great brand experience and we can create strong visual brand assets for your business.

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Stock photography, London

Laura helps you to catapult your brand to the next level!


A questionnaire & a phone catch-up to start with

The starting point is always the questionnaire that allows me to understand your business and your brand better. Then we schedule in a phone call or a meeting if necessary where we discuss your requirements and details of the brief. 

During the catch-up we will discuss what types of shoots, the location and the time  needed and what you are intending to use the images for, i.e. for the website, social media campaigns, printed brochures? It is important that the investment in photography matches your business objectives. 

The initial catch-up can be scheduled on the phone, via Skype or Zoom or in person.


Great quality and pricing

My rates are very reasonable and within the price agreed, I will deliver the final retouched images, in the format and resolutions you need them. Below is an indication of the price range. After the shoot we will arrange for the viewing of the photographs where you can view and choose the images. 

The location for headshots and product photography in London 


I can set up my mobile studio in your office:

  • Individual headshots
  • Team headshots
  • The working space environment


  • At a location of your choice 
  • Imagery tailored to your branding and marketing campaigns.


Stock Photography, London

Bookings are confirmed against a £50 pre-paid deposit.


Laura was fantastic

High quality photos are so important for websites and social media channels because the image does most of the selling for you.



I have worked with a number of clients to create a bank of images for their business, on the ocassion of a launch or a rebrand. Some of the businesses I have worked with are, Home Start Wandsworth, Neighbourhood Watch, Samuel Estates, Cute Solutions, Bellevue Law. 


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