Connecting and Growing Together

Small Business Network for businesses in South West London

What is the Small Business Network about? 

The Small Business Network is a group of businesses that network regularly at our Coffee Mornings, Networking Nights and other regular workshops on different topics. 

Coffee Mornings are hosted at Tooting Works, a co-working space and social entreprise in Tooting. We have organised a Christmas Fair in 2023 and a Summer Festival of Small Businesses July 2024 at the Bedford in Balham. 

The group is all about connecting, learning and growing together.

It s also a place to find inspiration and contacts and receive feedback and learn from peers as well as speakers in your journey as a business owner.

  • Learning from peers and inspiring speakers
  • Contacts and connections that open opportunities.

We have an extensive list of trusted experts that can help in different areas.

A bit of background

It all started in 2020 and just before the Covid pandemic from a desire I had to be part of a group of other businesses where I could go to for help, support and inspiration.

As a small business owner, professional photographer in Tooting, running everything by myself could sometimes be lonely and challenging.

My vision for the group is to be the place where businesses go to for trusted contacts, learn, connect and grow.

Over the past 4 years since the start of the group, we have had many networking events, workshops, online and in person on various topics with speakers, cocktail demos, Christmas Fair and Summer Festival.

We currently run regular Coffee Mornings and Networking Nights, which are events that many businesses from South West London and further afield attend. The atmosphere is electric and I always feel such a buzz.

We have speakers who are experts in their fields & share with us their tips and bitesize learning on: Marketing, Social Media, Video, Branding, Wellbeing, PR, etc.

The group has evolved and we have about 200 businesses that meet regularly and connect in person and online.

What are the benefits of the group?

As well as being in a group of like-minded business owners, the Small Business Network is a community of businesses that care and want to make a positive impact.

You can attend the events on a pay as you go basis and pay per event. 

If you’d like to register as a speaker at our events you can add your details in the form – Small Business Network, 2024 programme.

You can also register for a feature and have your business featured on our socials

To take advantage of the features get in touch and let me know if you have any questions.

The creative club photography and networking for small businesses

The Creative Club: Photography and Networking -New!

There is an option to join the Creative Club: Photography and Networking for Small Businesses at £55 / month and have access to Quarterly Photography Days, networking events and business features.

There is the option of joining online at £22 per month.

Connect with us on socials

If you would like to join the Small Business Network, you can join our private facebook group and also follow our Instagram and come along to our events.

Our members are small businesses in the professionals services industry, wellbeing, marketing, branding and design, social media, virtual assistants, estate agents as well as e-commerce.

The group has been supported by local media Tooting Newsie and Balham Newsie and of course all our followers.

The Small Business Network, is an Exciting Place for Small Businesses to Learn and Connect with other business owners.

Business networking in London, a group of business owners
Business networking in London, a group of business owners
Business networking in London, a group of business owners

We are a friendly community, inspiring & enabling connections

What happens at our networking events?

When you come along at our events,you are not just going to a networking event – there is so much more!

1. A great group of businesses that are welcoming & share their lessons, tips & knowledge profusely.
2. Speakers that share their expertise in bitesize learning & inspiring entrepreneurs that talk about their journey & success story.
3. The opportunity to talk about your business in a supportive group of entrepreneurs.
And much more:
  • The opportunity to be a speaker at our events – we provide a platform for you to grow.
  • Be featured – an opportunity to share your story to a wider audience.
  • Matching as a mentor / mentee – a great opportunity to improve but also give back.

Our Values

Great Assets

Whether it is photography for social media, website or branding, I have great options for business owners that make it more affordable. From headshots and personal branding to photography for businesses and social media options here.  

The Creative Club membership for only £55 / month (starting September 2024).

We have a great list of other experts in our group which I am putting together in a fantastic expert listing with all the components needed for a succesful business.


We help small businesses connect with like-minded people, with a mindset of growth and mutual learning.


100% welcoming; 0% hierarchy. Open and friendly environment.


We’re a buzz of ideas, entrepreneurial spirits, a colourful collective which will inspire you to push your business further.


We listen and learn through the highs and the lows. This is a community of nurturing and support.


You have the power. We’ll help you unleash the potential of your business, by unleashing the potential in you.

How to find out more?

Follow our Instagram and the private Facebook Group where you can meet with other local businesses.

We have weekly collaboration posts where we all share our links and events. Also I do shout outs on social media for our members.

Come and say hi!