Instagram & Photography Tips Workshop, with Donna Anderton, 10th May 2021



Are you a business that wants to use Instagram to grow?

Do you feel that you need to increase your visibility and make the right connections?

You have an Instagram account but you find it hard to plan the right content for your audience?

You never know what type of photographs to take and post and how to edit them?

I have teamed up with amazing Social Media Expert Donna Anderton to help businesses with Instagram and Easy Photography Tips.


The workshop is 2 hours and it includes Q&A and the opportunity to ask us plenty of questions. Also it will be interactive and you will be able to make changes to your account there and then and try out the tips for yourself.

This is what we are going to cover.

Why you should treat you Instagram profile as a mini-website & how to make your page stand out from the competition – Social Media Expert Donna Anderton

  • Hashtags explained
  • Tips & tricks for engagement & finding your target audience
  • Types of content you can create and use (curate) and how to put together a strategy
  • Captions & Calls To Action
  • Looking at your insights to inform your business decisions

Easy to use photography tips for your business – People & Product Photographer Laura Shimili

  • The key elements of good Instagram photography
  • How to use your phone to take great photographs for Instagram
  • How to create content that is visual and relevant to your brand
  • Where to source free stock photography
  • Editing and editing apps
  • Lighting, backdrops, tripods & props
  • A simple workflow, how to plan, take, edit, schedule & post your photos
  • A demonstration of how I shoot products (for product based businessses)
  • A demonstration of how to plan content based on your brand

This workshop is ideal for:

  • Businesses who want to use social media to connect to their audience
  • Businesses who want to use a mix of visual assets such as of photographs of the business, products, people and free stock photos that are available
  • Businesses that sell online
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy using social media and feel connected rather than overwhelmed.

Join us and hear from 2 experts in their field.

The workshop will be delivered online and will be recorded so that you can go back to it anytime in the future.