Photography for social media in London for entrepreneur and businesses

Photography for social media in London

As a social media photographer in London I work with businesses and offer “Photography for Social Media” packages as a fantastic way for businesses to leverage the power of social media for their brand.

Why is it important?

We all know the power and flexibility of social media to build your brand presence, engage with your clients and followers, show the human side of your business and create a community around your brand.

Photography is a great way to share your story visually, what you stand for and to have in the mix of your marketing tools.

It gives people a glimpse of you through which they can engage and get familiar with your brand.

Photo of business owner in her office environment
Team headshots & personal branding, London photographer

Phone photos yes but they shouldn’t be the only way to present your brand!

Phones are great and they keep getting better so you cannot fault using them to benefit your business.

However throwing in the mix professional photography will elevate your brand.

You will look better, more polished and compelling and sends the message that you care and you are investing in your business.

You want to show people that you are professional, growing as a person and as a business and having professional photographs for your brand creates a strong and cohesive look.

People like and trust that.


Who is Photography for Social Media in London for?  

The types of businesses that can benefit from it are multiple but let’s looks at some examples.

  • Small Businesses
  • Solopreneurs
  • Brands
  • Professional services

In the Small Business Group: estate agents, who can have on their website photographs of their brand, their people and teams, their offices and client interactions.

In the Solopreneurs Group: coaches, therapists, nutritionists, consultants that use professional photography such as headshots or brand photos to engage and create a cohesive brand image.

In the Brands Group: course all the small and big brands who use multimedia forms of campaigns, photography and video to engage with their followers.

In the Professional Services: financial advisors, business consultants, law firms, marketing and social media, VAs, architects, building companies, designers, trades that need photography for their website, their profiles, publications and speaking engagements.

Investing in staff headshots gives companies a competitive advantage
Image shows woman in a Headshot Photograph London
Corporate photography for your company and team in London
Professional Linkedin Photo

How can businesses afford it?

As a business or small business the question is not how you can afford it but actually you cannot not afford it.

Other businesses will and you don’t want to fall behind and look less professional and “cheaper” than others. After all, you also want to charge higher prices and make a decent earning.

Regular or one-off?

You might not be able to afford professional photography all the time so the question becomes, how often.

From my experience as a professional photographer working with small and bigger businesss, from the business perspective working regularly with me saves them time.

There is with less preparation and less getting to know as I already know their brand, the space and we can plan accordingly.

So there are advantages to working regularly with someone, you just need to define the frequency.

Every 6 months, once a year?

And find the right photographer that you enjoy working with or have a few options that you call upon regularly.

Studio or location?

That is another question worth reflecting upon and the answer will depend on the type of business.

Are you a fitness instructor? Where do you work, where would you like your photographs to be? It depends on the purpose.

For the website as your profile photo? In the studio might be one option.

Showing you working with clients, another option is in your studio.

Are you a nutritionist, you create recipes for clients? You might want to show the food, what you work with. But also a few profile photos for the about me page and for your media kit.

So the best is the talk to a photographer, get their views and suggestions and see if you can build a relation with them so that you can work together regularly. At that point you might even ask for a regular work fee which might be cheaper than a one off.

Photographers want your business to succeed as much as you do, so make them a trusted partner of your business.

Corporate photography for your company in London
Photography for your business in London

Was this useful?

I hope this helped clarify and understand a bit better what photography for social media is and who it is for.

In London we are blessed with many creative, professional photographers who can help and who have experience working with businesses.

So why don’t you reach out to them and find out more?

If you’d like to find out more and have a chat with me, I am more than happy to discuss your business. As a social media photographer in London I can share my thoughts on what would work best for you, in terms of location, frequency and type of photography.

I typically work with businesses, founders, teams and professionals for their profile and brand images.

I also speak to a lot of small businesses who attend the networking events I organise for the Small Busineess Network, which is a great group to visit and make connections in. Come along and see for yourself.

You can book a free call below and ask me any questions, photography or marketing related.

If you want to work with me and want to have an idea of my packages

My packages for photography for social media in London are below.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Starter Pack

This is the quickest package that gives you what you need to get started.


  • 2 final Headshots
  • 2 final Brand photos


A free social media photography review of your account in the form of a 30 minutes call online.

Growing Pack

This is for your growing business and a way to create more options and more photographs.


  • 2 Headshots
  • 4 Brand photos


  • Social media photography review
  • The Ultimate Branding workbook I have put together with fabulous tips on how to use photography and content to improve your social media presence.

Regular photography packages

This is an opportunity to work regularly together, to create photographs for your business. 

Regular quick 2 times a year £500 

    Regular bigger 2 times a year £700

    If the frequency you want is different let me know and we can find what works best for you. 

    Photograph of a woman outside a London house for professional photographs.
    Photograph of woman in the studio for a magazine piece
    Photograph of woman standing outside for her personal profiles
    Laura Shimili Mears Photography, professional portrait photography
    Photograph of an entrepreneur sitting to use for her social media profiles.
    Photograph of a photographer sitting holding camera in hand to use for her social media profiles.
    Two women in their 60s, 70s smiling
    Image shows a business owner standing in a front of a gallery front smiling.
    Team headshots & personal branding, London photographer
    Headshot Photographer, London
    Headshots London photographer
    What makes a great headshot, London Photographer

    Some resources to read more about

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