You enquire!

The starting point of our relationship is when you make contact with me via the contact form or via an email to photography@shimilimears.com or through a phone call to 07934788100.

I respond

I respond to your enquiry via an email giving you more information or answering your questions.

Following a number of other emails and when you are ready to proceed, I send you my bank details for the session fee of £100 to be transferred.

That is when the booking is confirmed!

The booking is confirmed!

We have a chat!

Following the booking confirmation we schedule a phone call and we speak about the details, the location, what to wear and how to prepare.

The Photoshoot!

The day of the photoshoot has arrived. I welcome you in the studio, or meet you at the outdoor location or in your home. I take the photos during the session which last about one hour for family sessions and 2 hours (sometimes more) for a newborn session. 

The Viewing!

After the shoot I make a selection of the images for you to view and we set a date for viewing the images together. We can do this via Skype or Zoom. Pretty flexible!

The final products!

I will hand edit your chosen images from the viewing appointment. Once they are ready I will send you the final digital images by email so that you can save them on your computer.

For the prints I will send the images to be printed to a lab I collaborate with, in Coventry and when they arrive, I let you know that they are ready for collection.

Prints are fitted in mounts and come in 2 sizes, 7×5 and 8×10 inches depending on the collection chosen. In the bigger collection I also provide a large frame with the print and the mount. 

Until next time!