Home Smart Solutions, making your home smarter, London photographer

I had the pleasure of working with an excellent, award winning smart solutions company that provides everything to make a home smarter: Cute Solutions!

The owner of the company, Liviu Cute has invested and grown his business over the last two decades, providing excellent customer service and winning over 15 industry awards.

The company when started in 1997, initially provided expert cabling solutions and has grown into a trusted and respected specialist in cabling, electrical installations, CCTV systems, alarms and home automation systems.

Their website Cute Solutions, shows better what the company does and showcases the full range of their specialist and competent capabilities.

What makes a Home Smart, what are the Home Smart Elements?

It is in particular the Home Smart aspects of his business that Liviu wanted to showcase with photographs. These images showcase his brand and personality and also the great services he provides to home owners and individuals. With great professional photography his business is more visible and comes across as professional and trustworthy. 

His ompany operates across London and provides customers with smart controls over lighting, heating, security, audio, CCTV, access and more!

I was able to experience most of the smart homes controls when I went for the photoshoot in the showroom he collaborates with in East Barnet.

Through a simple tap you can change the temperature or the colour of the lights 

Through a simple tap on the tablet or on the phone it is possible to change the colour of the lights in the kitchen, turn the music on or off, turn the heating on and control the temperature in the room and in the house.

Just imagine waking up in the morning and through a simple tap you can turn the radio on, while having breakfast in the breakfast bar, reading the newspaper and adjusting the temperatures and the lighting to your mood and the day.

These are some of the types of services Cute Solutions offer in partnership with Loxone, a leading provider in home smart automation.

Images produced: stock, environmental shots and headshots  

The imagery we produced for Cute Solutions was intended to be smart, natural and bright and convey the message of a clean, safe, comfortable and smart home.

Although I focused mainly on the elements that make a home smart I also took a few headshots of the company owner, to use on the website. It is always nice to see a person and for the personality to be visible on the website, which makes the first impressions more relatable.

Do you need to create imagery for your website?

The value of investing in personalised and authentic imagery for your business is something most business owners agree with.

A stock of images that conveys your brand, your personality and your products or services can be used across the board and will create some tangible assets that can be incorporated in your marketing activity.

Images can be used on social media, on blog posts and create visual variety that most customers are used to and look for.

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