All questions are good questions so please do get in touch if anything is not clear. 

How to find out more about your services?

I am only one phone call away and would be very happy to answer any questions you may have on the phone.

How do we choose the location for our photoshoot?

This will depend on personal preference and style of the images that you would like to treasure. 

I love working in client’s homes where you are surrounded by your books, the children by their toys and where we can tell a story together, the story of your family!

How long in advance should we book?

I suggest as soon as you know that I am the right photographer for you and that you are ready to celebrate your family. 

Weekend slots tend to go quicker so if you are interested in a weekend slot, do get in touch quickly. 

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather is really bad and it is rainning heavily then we will reschedule the session. Otherwise in most conditions it is great fun to be outdoors as long as everyone is prepared. 

In the home the weather will not have a big impact and the same for the studio. 

What if my children are tired?

To make the most of the photoshoot ideally we want children to be rested, not hungry and content. At the pre-booking stage we talk about the time of the shoot and what works best for your children in their daily routine. 

I work fast with children and make the photo shoot an activity or a game so that they are engaged and have beautiful expressions.  

Do you have discounts for returning customers?

I do offer all my returning customers a 10% off and I will run promotions and giveways regularly so the best way to be in the know, is to sign up to the newsletter.