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Assisting a photography session – Carlotta Cardana’s Mod couples project

I have been looking to assist photographers so that I can get some experience of the real thing, of what photographers do when they are shooting for a project or for a client. So I have been reading the brixtonblog ( and I follow them on...

Clapham photo club meets again with Peter Warrick photographer

So we had our second meeting this time with a different photographer and in the evening, so without the children. And it was great! For one of the mums present it was the time when it all made sense.Peter’s style was a little different and much more relaxed...

The Easter egg hunt – was my photography assignment achieved?

In between doing my work and looking after my family, I have been taking a few lessons from an amazing photographer – Georgina Cranston. I stumbled upon her work after watching on the Guardian website a video she had produced, that tells the story of a homeless...

Clapham photo club meets for the first time with Charlie Round-Turner photographer

Here is a link to a note that Charlie shared with us. It gives some easy to grasp descriptions of aperture, shutter speed, ISO; the range of different types of lenses from wide lenses to standard and telephoto ones; a little exercise to try different apertures and...

Photographing people in the street, is it easy?

I set myself a task to get better at photographing people in the street.  That is an area I like and I want to get better at as I like observing what people do, how they dress, how they behave and interact. But of course as fascinating it can be it is also quite...

My second journey into photography – what did I learn?

This time around I was ready to really understand the basics of photography: depth of field, shutter speed, aperture etc.  What I needed was someone talking me through the different elements of photography and I had more realistic expectations than those during my...
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