A snapshot with words: chimney covered in red

The weekly writing challenge: snapshots  has invited bloggers to describe with words something we have seen that has impressed us, instead of snap! Taking a photo.  For this one, what I saw was an image of an old factory turned into hospital covered in the red light...

Squatting is freedom (or is it not) ? The view of a Big Issue seller

How I have known José, a Big Issue seller with a great sens of humour. The Big Issue is an important institution in the UK. It is a great magazine but also a great social enterprise that many places should adopt. By selling the Big Issue magazine homeless people can...

Behind the towers of Canary Wharf – some photos and observations

Some photos from one of the most emblematic areas in London – Canary Wharf – a centre of international finance and an ‘island’ of skyscrapers in amongst more ‘down-to-earth’ local communities. And some observations.    I was really...

My experience of being a member of a toastmaster group in London

My experience of being a member of a Toastmaster Club in LondonWhen I moved to the UK from Albania I didn’t know much about the English. I had to look for a job and I was in a phase of self-doubt, a little bit similar to how I felt in my early twenties. I had...

Une mort très douce

“Une mort très douce” est un livre écrit par Simone de Beauvoir qui raconte l’histoire des derniers jours de vie de la mère de Simone de Beauvoir. Elle m’a rappelle la mort de ma grand mère et m’a donné envie de la décrire. J’ai été...
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