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Portrait Photographers in London

Have you ever wondered how to look for the best portrait photographers in London?

The list below will give you just that, the top 22 portraits photographers in London.

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– Portraits for new mums to be, babies and families

– Professional portraits and headshots

– Contemporary portraits


Maternity photoshoot, Tooting Photographer


Contemporary Portraits London photographer

Contemporary Portraits

Contemporary Portraits in the studio or on location to suit a range of styles and requirements.

Commercial Shoots

Team headshots and imagery for the website for a range of clients and multiple marketing strategies. Suitable at different stages of growth, rebranding, website redesign, growing teams, printed marketing and promotional materials.

Commercial photography, London photographer
Team headshots & personal branding, London photographer

Professional headshots and Personal Branding

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, imagery that shows proudly who you are and engages with your ideal audience.


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What Makes A Great Headshot?

What Makes A Great Headshot?

A great headshot is one that captures the best version of you that you want to show to the world, as well as what makes you unique. It should also effectively communicate the goal that you have for the image—whether that is a creative branding portrait or a corporate...

A Guide to Great Portrait Photography Ideas

A Guide to Great Portrait Photography Ideas

A great portrait is so much more than a shot of someone’s head and shoulders. It’s a creative photograph, one that tells the story of the person pictured more than a thousand words ever could. It should capture their image but also express their personality and what...

Laura Shimili Mears Photography, London photographer