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I have a very exciting announcement!

Photography for social media!

I have created new “Photography for Social Media” packages that start from as little as £99.

These packages include a number of images for products or services and a number of headshots for your social media.

These are ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners who have a need for a regular flow of images for their business.
The images can be used to update the website, on social media posts and on blog posts.
As a regular writer of blog posts for my own business I know how important that is in terms of search engines and being found on google by potential customers.
What is included?

The initial package of £99 includes a gallery to choose from of between 30-40 images. In addition included are:

– 1 final edited headshot

– 3 final edited images of products or of the location of the business.

Other packages

Other packages are available and I love to discuss with business owners about:

  • The goals;
  • What you want to use the images for;
  • The looks and styles you want to create;
  • The location you want to create the images in.

The next packages up are:

– £250 for 1 hour of shooting including a number set-ups, 10-15 final edited headshots and 5 final product or location images.

– £400 for 2 hour of shooting including a number of set-ups and locations, 20 final edited headshots and 10-15 final product or location images.

Get in touch for a quote

I would love to give you a quote that is tailored to your business, your goals and what you want to achieve.

Photography is a powerful tool in the marketing mix and it drives your business forward.

To reserve a date I do ask for £50 pre-paid which can be done via bank transfer.

Get in touch, by phone 07934788100 or email

How do you book yours?

Get in touch using the details above, and I will send you the details for a bank transfer to reserve an appointment.

We will then schedule a phone call to discuss your brief and the best location for that.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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